Let's have fun with RAIDEN!

This time, show your creativeness, your unique& innovative ideas to deliver your love of Raiden series.
Alternatively, try to show the best side of Raiden and yourself.
Here is how you can win:
Please take a photo of "You and Raiden".
Share the photo/picture under this post as comment. (And write down the caption)
Avexir Memory Development Dialog
*The criteria of ranking by how many "likes" you get
*Everyone can "like" your favorite photo as well.
Also, share it on your Facebook and tag @Avexir Memory Development Dialog to let us know.

The sample of the photo is as below.

And we provide some Raiden picture materials, which you can download to use. Download

Evaluation: Rank40% (how many " like" /ranking scores)& Evaluation by AVEXIR 60%
Activity period: The photos will be collected till 24th of May, 12:00 a.m.
And the winner will be announced on 25th of May on our Facebook page and AVEXIR website.



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ROG Certified

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