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Raiden Series

The world exclusive patented technology
of plasma tubes to mimic lighting effect

Blitz Series

Tailored to gamer and overclocker

S100 Series

The World First LED SSD

ROG Impact

New legendary high performance
DDR4 memory

Core Series

The Classic LED Breathing Light Effect

Brand Belief

AVEXIR Technologies Corp. was established in 2006 by its general manager Mr. Cheng Han Hong with the belief of becoming the “Global leading brand supplier for memory applied products”. He has tried different management strategies such as branding and OEM. He then undertook the OEM business, gained profits and experience and gradually raised the fund and made solid foundations for AVEXIR Technologies.


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GDPR Data Mapping: What It Is And How To Comply 

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR data mapping, an updated version of the long-standing Data Protection Directive, was adopted by the European Commission in 2016. (GDPR). The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which serves as the foundation for the GDPR, recognizes the protection of personal information as a fundamental human right. The goal of

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Security Layers: Best Way To Keep Your Data Safe 

Data security is more important than ever in today’s world. Whether you’re a business or an individual, it’s essential to have security layers to protect your information from hackers and thieves.  That’s why so many people are turning to layers of security as the best way to keep their data safe. Security layers create a

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The Benefits Of Data Flow Mapping For Businesses!

If you’re a business owner, you know that effective data management is essential to your success. What if you’re not sure how to manage all of your data? Data flow mapping can help! Data flow mapping displays the data flow across a system, allowing you to optimize your data management process. In this blog post,

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FTK Imager Lite: How To Operate FTK Imager Lite?

Looking for an easy to use forensic imaging software? FTK Imager Lite is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to quickly and easily capture images of digital evidence. It’s simple enough for a beginner, but also powerful enough for a professional. You can use FTK Imager Lite to create an image of a hard

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Onsite Waste Technologies: Things You Should Know

Worried about the amount of waste your business is producing? Onsite Waste Technologies can help you reduce your waste output by up to 90%. We offer a variety of services to suit your needs, and our team of experts are always available to help you find the best solution for your business. We want to

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What Is A DSAR: An Amazing Guide

You may have heard the term “DSAR” but what is a DSAR? A DSAR, or data subject access request, is a formal request from an individual for information about their personal data. With a DSAR you can find out exactly what personal data a company has about you, why they have it, and what they

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dell i7 16gb ram

Supercharge Your Work Flow With Dell I7 16Gb Ram!

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, then you need to check out Dell’s latest release – the Dell I7 16Gb Ram. Packed with features and performance, this machine is perfect for business or home use. With its sleek design and powerful hardware, the I7 16Gb Ram is sure to impress. Dell has

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can a computer run without ram

Can A Computer Run Without RAM? Let’s Find Out!

Computers are a necessary part of life in the 21st century. We use them for work, school, entertainment, and so much more. But can a computer run without RAM? No, a computer cannot function without RAM. If you try to boot up a computer without any RAM installed, you will likely see an error message.

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Oloy DDR4 Ram 16GB

Oloy DDR4 Ram 16GB – The Best DDR4 Ram For Gaming

Looking for a new memory for a computer? Oloy DDR4 Ram 16GB is the newest type of memory that your computer can use. It’s faster and more efficient than older types of RAM, so you can run more programs at once without your computer slowing down. If you want to stay ahead of the curve,

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1 gb ram

What Can 1 GB RAM Do For Your Computer?

1 GB RAM is becoming increasingly common in budget laptops and even some tablets. It’s enough for basic computing, but 1 GB of RAM can start to feel cramped if you regularly use demanding applications or do a lot of multitasking. However, there are a few things that you can do to make the most

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32 gb ram price

32 GB RAM Review: What You Need To Know

RAM is a critical part of any computer, and most people don’t know how much they need or what the best 32 GB RAM price is. 32 GB RAM is an amazing amount of memory that can speed up your computer in ways you never thought possible. 32 GB RAM is around a hundred dollars

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how to clean ram slot desktop

How To Clean Ram Slot Desktop: A Comprehensive Guide

It’s no secret that your computer accumulates a lot of gunk over time. All that dirt and dust can cause your computer to run slower and hotter than it should. If you’re noticing a decline in performance, it might be time to clean out your computer’s RAM slot. In this article, we’ll teach you how

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dual channel ram laptop

Dual Channel RAM Laptop – How To Make The Most Of Your Memory

Dual Channel RAM Laptop is a type of memory that uses two channels on the motherboard instead of one. This allows for faster data transfer between the CPU and memory, which can result in improved performance in certain applications. How much of an increase in performance you will see depends on several factors, including the

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hp omen desktop ram upgrade

How Easy Is It To Hp Omen Desktop Ram Upgrade?

HP is considered a very reputable computer brand in the market today. In addition to the beautiful design, it also has stable working performance. However, the laptop will show signs of degradation after a period of use. So if you find that the device shows signs of running sluggishly and is no longer as smooth

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Laptop RAM In Desktop

Laptop RAM In Desktop: How To Used In A Desktop?

How to use laptop RAM in desktop? Do you have a desktop computer? Chances are if you have a desktop computer, it’s because you need more power than what’s available in a laptop. Desktops offer more space for powerful hardware and also tend to be cheaper per unit than laptops. One of the most important

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how many pins on desktop ram

Way To Find Out How Many Pins On Desktop Ram Has

How many pins are on a desktop’s ram? This is a question that computer users have asked for years. There are different types of ram, each with a different number of pins. How do you know how many pins your desktop’s ram has? The number of pins on a desktop ram module can be found

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