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Raiden Series

The world exclusive patented technology
of plasma tubes to mimic lighting effect

Blitz Series

Tailored to gamer and overclocker

S100 Series

The World First LED SSD

ROG Impact

New legendary high performance
DDR4 memory

Core Series

The Classic LED Breathing Light Effect

Brand Belief

AVEXIR Technologies Corp. was established in 2006 by its general manager Mr. Cheng Han Hong with the belief of becoming the “Global leading brand supplier for memory applied products”. He has tried different management strategies such as branding and OEM. He then undertook the OEM business, gained profits and experience and gradually raised the fund and made solid foundations for AVEXIR Technologies.


best usb to usb adapter

Top 10 Best USB-to-USB Adapter Reviews for 2023

The USB port is highly innovative, and it is regarded as the port for the future. It has become a new standard, and a lot of devices are changing to that. This is very popular among Android phone users. Because of the popularity of this port, and the products that are using it, it becomes

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best waterproof laptop cases

Best Waterproof Laptop Cases in 2023 Reviews

Like your phone, your laptop should also be equipped with a case to protect its surface from scratches, and at the extreme, breaking.  While preventing the surface from scratching is one thing, another important thing to take into account is to prevent the whole construction and its machine from getting wet. As a result, getting

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best surface pro keyboards

Top 10 Best Surface Pro Keyboards in 2023

Surface Pro devices are highly versatile. You can use the touchscreen to operate them as a tablet. The other alternative you have is to connect them to a keyboard so that you can use the Surface Pro device as a laptop. The keyboard, which is also known as a type cover is not that easy

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Best Encrypted Drives

Top 10 Best Encrypted Drives Review in 2023

Every computer user whether home or professional users must take the security of their sensitive data seriously. This is because if one doesn’t, the data could be hacked and very important personal information gets leaked. However, how do you ensure that your data security is guaranteed?Encrypted drives are devices designed to make sure that data

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best laptop for non gamers

Top 7 Best Laptops for Non Gamers

What do we call nongamers, and what exactly do we mean when we say the best laptop for non gamers? So, let me use an example to illustrate it. You might, for example, be pursuing an engineering degree or a doctorate at a university. And you may be involved in graphics design or programming, or

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best universal laptop docking stations

Best Universal Laptop Docking Stations In 2023 Reviews

If you don’t have enough ports on your laptop, then there can be frustration. To prevent this, you can make use of a universal laptop docking station.  The external device comes with multiple connecting peripherals. It lets you have maximum convenience, and the compact design allows you to use it from anywhere you want.  A

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best laptop for teachers

10 Amazing Laptop for Teachers in 2023

Teachers nowadays need a laptop that can perform several tasks at the same time. In the current state of chaos, it is time to find the best laptop for teachers to get a better teaching experience. They are also equipped with a good built-in microphone, so if your headset does not have a microphone (or

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best laptop with backlit keyboard

List of 5 Best Laptop With Backlit Keyboard – Review

Technology is advancing at full speed and fortunately for our greatest good. This is how laptops with backlit keyboards are on the market today.  The goal is always to offer us efficient equipment but also and above all comfortable and easy to use. As a reminder, a backlit keyboard is a keyboard, which is equipped

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best laptop for data science

Best laptop for Data Science in 2023

If you searching for the best laptop for data science in 2021 then you came to the right place. In this generation data science and structuring is one of the most famous jobs on the internet. According to Google, a medium-level data science engineer can earn more than $40,000/per year. If you want to create

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best laptop for quantitative finance

Top 10 Best laptop for Quantitative Finance in 2023

In the corporate sector, quantitative finance is the most important thing that you need to do.  For running quantity finance software you need a powerful laptop that’s why we create our top 10 best laptops for quantitative finance in the list. in this list, we only include the best performance-giving devices. We have not included

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best usb wi fi adapters

Best USB Wi-Fi Adapters in 2023 Reviews

You may have faced issue of a laggy internet while using some heavy software or online video games. It can give you a bad experience. We are trying to put forward some of the best USB WI FI ADAPTERS in 2023 you can choose from. They all are good but some of them can perform

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best cheap gaming chair with cool design

Top 10 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs With Cool Design In 2023

Are you a hardcore gamer and want to have a great experience while enjoying your favorite games at home? Then you should invest in good quality gaming accessories that enhance your overall gaming experience.  One such gaming accessory that most gamers look for but can’t buy due to high pricing is the gaming chair. Cheap

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best mini gaming pc

Top 10 Best Mini Gaming PC in 2023 Reviews

There was a time where PC gaming required that you have a lot of space for your machine. However, those days are long gone and even despite the still existing and popular conventional way of building your PC with amazing mid towers and beefy components, mini-gaming PCs have increased their popularity now more than ever.

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best synology diskstation nas

Top 10 Best SYNOLOGY Diskstation NAS In 2023 Reviews

NAS or Network Attached Storage device is like having a personal cloud storage space that you can access on the spot as well as when you are away. You can store or take a backup of important and regular files such as documents, videos, music files, and likewise.  You can also install applications and host

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title 2

How To Write An Effective Research Paper?

Many students got confused about the difference between a simple assignment and a research paper. Assignment can be a kind of task assigned by a professor. A research paper is a type of academic writing that contains theoretical, logical, and valid information about a certain topic. A research paper is always written by following a

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IGRocket Review 2023: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

IGRocket Review Building an effective and efficient Instagram following is a challenge without some help. Doing this manually is not only time-consuming but is also slow as a snail’s pace. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services like this one may have shut down or received some negative reviews recently

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What Is Web Hosting And How Does It Work

Clients ask me the way to select a hosting company for their websites. Depending on their technical limitations and response to significant website problems, I can tell you who I like and do not like. However, what I like about a webmaster is quite different from what an individual client needs from a hosting company. Make

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8 Great MacBook Productivity Tips That You Cannot Miss!

Remove Visual Clutter for Productivity Our brains like order. They aren’t wired to handle chaos. So if your desktop is cluttered, you’re draining your cognitive resources. Aside from the negative impact that visual clutter can have, unnecessary files that are languishing in your system slow down your system.  Use your desktop to only store files

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poprey review

Poprey Review 2023: Is It Safe & Legit, or a Scam?

Poprey Review Using Instagram as part of your marketing strategy is smart, but it’s not easy. Recently, Instagram was dubbed “the happiest place internet place in the world”, but that’s mostly for users. It’s more challenging for marketers, influences, brands, and businesses. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Many bots and growth services are no longer working correctly. Services

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How To Set Up a Smart Garage 1 1

How To Set Up a Smart Garage?

The advent of robotics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence has changed the world to a great extent. The application of modern technology to the appliances and tools the average household uses has significantly shifted the lifestyle of middle-class people. Technological advancement has changed everything in our lives right, from automobiles to mobiles. Whether it is

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iphone 676726 1280 1

7 Amazing Mobile Apps That Tech-Savvy Loves to Have

Back then, AIM was the only app that could be found on our phones. You could have one or two decent games if you were lucky enough. However, with the digital revolution, we can use many mobile applications to save time and make our world a better place. Whether it is a career, lifestyle, social or

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1 0x0 790x520 0x520 dash cams guide install

New Tech: How to Install and Operate a Dash Camera?

Popularly known as car cameras, dash cams have become common with many motorists today. Several benefits come with installing a the best dashboard camera. However, the way you install it will determine whether you will be able to reap those benefits. If you have never used a dash camera, then installing it can be quite

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Tech News: Trail Camera Sends Pictures to Phone

After a long absence, there is always that excitement of checking your trail camera. You don’t know what you will find, or what has been captured when you were away. You might catch a trespasser, observe a rare animal like a bobcat, or you might even observe strange behavior among common animals. Trail camera provides

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6 Powerful Ways To Outgrow Competitors In Business

There’s nothing quite as exciting as running your own business. However, it’s important to note that getting the company up and running is only the first step. You now need to assess the market that you’re venturing into, sizing up the competition, and working on different strategies to ensure that not only do you grow

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