Brand Belief


What We Believe is How We Behave

AVEXIR Technologies Corp. was established in 2006 by its general manager Mr. Cheng Han Hong with the belief of becoming the “Global leading brand supplier for memory applied products”. He has tried different management strategies such as branding and OEM. He then undertook the OEM business, gained profits and experience and gradually raised the fund and made solid foundations for AVEXIR Technologies.

AVEXIR Technologies insists the philosophy of “What We Believe Is How We Behave” along with professional developing ability, excellent product quality, high production efficiency, complete global sales network and great customer service. We focus on designing and developing high-end game memories to provide total solutions with persistence of customization for our customers.

To provide the best product, procedures of industrial design, purchasing material, production in AVEXIR are all strictly operated and examined by professionals. We work hard to develop differentiated products of best quality with our spirit of constant innovating. The first generation of gaming memory – Core Series – combines splendid LED and light guiding bars – has made huge success in global game industry, widely recognized by gamers and was awarded all over the world. AVEXIR Technologies then released several powerful, bold and innovative memory modules for gamers, fulfill their desire for visual effects and amaze them once again.

Internal Management Belief

AVEXIR Technologies provides relaxing atmosphere of workplace and constantly encourage our employees to do their work innovatively. With the open management and freedom to discuss and think independently, AVEXIR Technologies believes this is the best way for our internal operation team to give best products and service to customers.

External Management Belief

AVEXIR Technologies believes sincerity and respects are the most important part among people, so we take the philosophy “What We Believe Is How We Behave” in both internal and external management, and give the most trustworthy support to our agents all over the world

Future Vision

Offer the best memory modules to all gamers and become the leading brand in the world.