Warranty policy

AVEXIR provides replacement, repair, or product swap services to our customers for defective products within the applicable warranty period depends on product conditions.

Limitation of warranty

This limites warranty does not cover any damage to this product that results from below specific conditions.

  • Malfunction of products results from improper installation accident, natural disaster, artificial operation.
  • Un-authorized disassembly, repair or modification of SPD or firmware.
  • Warranty label, laser tag or identification information has been altered, obliterated or removed.
  • Serial number of product does not match or be damaged or not clear enough to identify.
  • Products gave been sold not thru authorized agent, direct distributors, and resellers as well.


The warranty AVEXIR provides on AVEXIR products are limited to repair and inspect in-warranty products, exclusive of data recovery and back up. AVEXIR shall not be liable for any damages and/or loss of data stored in products.

AVEXIR shall in no event be liable for any defect, damage or data lost occurred during the delivery of in-warranty products. Prior to claiming warranty service, AVEXIR recommends that you have a backup of your data and remove your data from in-warranty products.

In no event shall AVEXIR be liable under this statement for loss of profit, loss of anticipated savings, loss of data, or indirect, incidental or consequential losses or damages to the extent that those losses or damages can be disclaimed by law.

Since AVEXIR products are not designed for high-safety applications, AVEXIR does not recommend applying the products in life support systems or other equipment which may lead to personal injury or death if such equipment are defective or have a breakdown, including but not limited to medical or medical-related equipment, military or military-related equipment, aircraft, traffic control equipment, disaster prevention systems, combustion control system and nuclear energy system. AVEXIR shall not be liable for any personal injury or death or any loss or damages to property arising from such kind of application.

  • This warranty is solely and entirely on the products and supersedes all other warranties and representations, whether in oral or written, between you and AVEXIR. AVEXIR makes no other warranties, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, whether expressly or impliedly.
  • In the event that the law of certain country/region stipulates a maximum warranty period on products, AVEXIR will, in such country/region, with respect to the products, provide technical support and warranty service to local consumers in accordance with such stipulation.
  • In the event that the law of certain country/region prohibits the exclusion of implied warranty, AVEXIR shall, in such country/region, only be liable for the implied warranty on the products during AVEXIR’s expressed warranty period.

Customers eligible for warranty service

AVEXIR warranty policy applies to all customers who purchased AVEXIR products through authorized agents.

Duration of Warranty

DRAM module series:
All Avexir branded DRAM modules are applicable for lifetime warranty that the date of user purchases, if Avexir branded module is damaged naturally, end users who directly purchases from authorized agent, retail shop, will be eligible from free repair service of lifetime.

SSD product series:
All Avexir branded SSD products are according to the product itself planned warranty life.(please refer to each SSD product specification sheet)

Additional Remark

“life time warranty or limited lifetime warranty” is defined that, during the duration of product life, if Avexir brand products, either DRAM module, flash card, Pen drive, or SSD, are damaged naturally, excluded the specific causes above, Avexir will provide product repair without any charge to user. Avexir will not stoop supporting and servicing as long as specific raw material, components which are not phase out from supply market, as well as resonable request from customers.