Top 10 Best Stylus for HP Pavilion X360

best stylus for hp pavilion x360

The tech world continues to innovate gadget features and for the last six years, we have witnessed the rise of 2-in1 laptops. These laptops can be used standardly but since they have the touchscreen feature, the need for stylus pens emerged. Stylus pens paved the way for digital art and design, seamlessly affixing signatures for …

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Top 10 Best Wall Mounted PC Case

best wall mounted pc case

One of the latest trends today is all about the mounting of the PC wall using new technology. Getting the Best Wall Mounted PC Case might be a new concept for you. It can save extra space in your room or workplace. Every design improves the flow of the air within its processor and CPU, …

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Top 10 Best M.2 Wifi Cards

best m 2 wifi cards

Are you in the market for the best M 2 wifi cards? Check out our article now, and you will find everything you need to know. Obviously, the most irritating thing for all computer geeks is the slow wifi connection. Whether you are a gamer or a normal user, it is a top priority to have seamless …

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laptops for college students

College is an exciting time for any student. In order to get the best experience possible, you need to get a good laptop. There are a few conditions your laptop needs to meet in order to be suitable for college life. Listed below are some fantastic laptops that meet this criterion. Top 7 Laptops for …

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Supercharge Your Work Flow With Dell I7 16Gb Ram!

dell i7 16gb ram

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, then you need to check out Dell’s latest release – the Dell I7 16Gb Ram. Packed with features and performance, this machine is perfect for business or home use. With its sleek design and powerful hardware, the I7 16Gb Ram is sure to impress. Dell has …

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Raiden Series is coming! Come to see more information!

package d3 raiden quad

Raiden Series is coming! Come to see more information! Raiden series is, a high performance DDR3 gaming memory modules, using world exclusive patented technology of plasma tubes to mimic lightening effect for gamers who seek true stimulation and real excitement,also proves the product making philosophy of AVEXIR once again: “What we believe is how we …

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