Android Family Tracker For Your Peace Of Mind

If you’re looking for a way to keep tabs on your loved ones, then look no further than the Android Family Tracker. With this app, you’ll be able to see their current location, receive real-time alerts if they go off course, and even track their phone if it’s lost or stolen. Best of all, the Android Family Tracker is completely free to use.

So why wait? Download the Android Family Tracker today and start keeping your loved ones safe.

Knowing Your Family Is OK Is Priceless

Should you ask any mom or dad what their top priority is, we bet you will hear “Ensuring my family’s safety” as the most common answer. But how can you ensure that all of your close ones are secured at all times, considering that you are busy at work and your kids are in school? A family phone tracker might be a perfect solution to this issue.

android family tracker

Your wife is not answering her phone, and you’re afraid she may have had an accident? Your husband says he will be late because he has a lot of work to do in the office? Your kids tell you they are at their friends’ house studying for their test? With the family tracking tool, you can see where they are, anytime, as long as they have their phones with them.

  • 50% parents are worried that their children may be kidnapped. In the US, every 40 seconds, a child goes missing or is abducted. In half of the incidents, a relative of the victim is involved. 50%parents are worried that their children may be kidnapped. 50%parents are worried that their children may be kidnapped.
  • 36% families track kids’ phones using various services. They use either built-in features or some parental control apps to trace mobile devices. Parents say that knowing where their kid is, saves them nerves and time.
  • 77% kids know their parents use parental monitoring apps. At the same time, less than 50% of teens are bothered by parents keeping an eye on them and saying it doesn’t bother them that much.

Of course, using a family tracker to trace your partner or kids with GPS or via their mobile device is an arguable topic. And if checking in on another grown-up (for example, wife or husband) is indisputably your choice to make, the case of tracking kids is quite different. On the one hand, it is your right and even duty as a parent to ensure your kids are OK wherever they are if they have arrived at their destinations and where they say they’ll be. On the other hand, there is the argument that using GPS to track your kids shows that you don’t trust them.

Today, there are dozens of ways to trace the location of your relatives – from tiny keychain devices to multifunctional mobile apps that can be installed on a smartphone. Even a clock-styled display can show all family members” whereabouts! Anyway, it is absolutely up to you to choose a way to stay aware of where your close ones are and find a balance between tracking and privacy.

Case: How Family Tracking Helped to Locate Missing Child

The ability to use a cell phone or a tablet as a GPS tracking device is arguably one of the greatest innovations in Mobile technology. Whether you need to track Android devices, iPhones, or iPad – there are plenty of respective tools to accomplish this mission. And, by the way, there already have been examples when family tracking apps helped to find missing children.

One such case took place in Georgia, the US, when a parental monitoring app installed on a minor’s smartphone was a crucial tool that provided police with the information needed to locate a missing boy. It all started when the SIM card was removed from his phone, and the kid disappeared for several days. The boy’s mother presumed he met with another person that was prohibited from seeing the child. She confirmed this fact by reviewing the GPS log of her son’s cell phone relocation in the days before he had disappeared. Just a few hours after she told the police about it, the boy was found by a patrol officer and brought to his anxious mother.

android family tracker

This missing minor case fully demonstrates the major advantages of family tracking via mobile devices:

  • You don’t need to buy a new gadget to monitor kids’ whereabouts – the cell or smartphone is perfectly good for this as children always carry them around 24/7.
  • You can track others in real-time directly from your smartphone or through a computer with an Internet connection.
  • You can see the full log of the entire route history – what places your kid, wife, or husband visited and how they got there.
  • With some tracking apps, you can set geofences and get alerts when a person leaves the area they are supposed to stay in.

Eventually, knowing where your kids are will increase their safety and provide you with peace of mind. Yet, the technology still has some drawbacks that you should know about. E.g., some tracking apps have workarounds that people who don’t want to be tracked can use. They can turn the phone off, switch on airplane mode or leave the phone at home and not bring it with them. That’s why it is critical to talk frankly to the person you wish to track and explain that this is just a protective measure for their good.

It is particularly important to have such conversations with teens because if you try to track your kids without them knowing, they might perceive it as an intrusion of their privacy. Take, for example, Pumpic: it is a visible app designed for ethical and legal use only. It runs openly and is not hidden from the owner of the device. Moreover, we urge you to obtain the owner’s permission to track their device before installing the app. You should explain to to to your kids, parents, or companions the difference between spying and monitoring and tell them about the dangers you want to avert by tracking their location.

android family tracker

How Android Family Tracker Secures Your Child In The Real And Digital Worlds

Use GPS Tracking

  • Keep track of the current location
  • View the entire route history
  • Set geofences, get alerts

Monitor online activity

  • View Internet browsing history
  • Block inappropriate websites
  • Follow social networks posts and media

Control device usage

  • View text messages
  • Check full call logs
  • Block undesired apps

Advanced Features For Comprehensive Tracking And Monitoring

Today, kids face real-world dangers and several digital threats as they use smartphones for Internet surfing and instant messaging. Knowing your kids’ whereabouts is great for concerned parents – and Pumpic provides you with that information. With the Pumpic family tracker, Android or iOS devices can be easily turned into powerful all-around protection tools because, nowadays, simply tracing a phone is not enough.

Parental monitoring app is state-of-the-art software to ensure your kid’s complete protection from all possible risks. Its 24 outstanding features include GPS tracking, text messages monitoring, following any online activity, and controlling specific apps or device usage. By utilizing Pumpic components, you will be enabled to deal with cyberbullying, avert online predators and prevent your kid from viewing inappropriate content. Check out the full list of features below.

Supported OS Versions

  • IOS —  IOS 6.0 – 11.2iCloud password required
  •  —  Android 2.2 – 6.0.1Some features require root
  •  Monitor SMS and MMS IOS 
  •  Monitor Calls History IOS 
  •  View Calendar IOS 
  •  View Contacts IOS 
  •  View Emails root
  •  View Photos IOS 
  •  View Videos 
  •  Remote Control Panel IOS 
  •  Control Browser IOS 
  •  Control Applications 
  •  View Bookmarks IOS 
  •  View Notes IOS
  •  Block Device 
  •  Location Tracking IOS 
  •  Geo-fences 
  •  Keylogger 
  •  Monitor WhatsApp IOS root
  •  Monitor Skype IOS root
  •  Monitor Facebook IM root
  •  Monitor Viber root
  •  Monitor Instagram root
  •  Monitor Kik IOS root
  •  Monitor Snapchat root
  •  SMS Commands 

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