Top 10 Best Encrypted Drives Review in 2024

Every computer user whether home or professional users must take the security of their sensitive data seriously. This is because if one doesn’t, the data could be hacked and very important personal information gets leaked. However, how do you ensure that your data security is guaranteed?
Encrypted drives are devices designed to make sure that data integrity is not compromised under any circumstances. They aren’t just like any other ordinary devices. Encrypted drives provide the user with powerful security levels like fingerprint scanners and password protection to have access to the data. They are portable meaning you can carry them with you anywhere you’re going. Check below our list of the top 10 encrypted drives in 2024:

Best Encrypted Drives Review

Data Traveler 16GB

Kingston Digital 16GB Data Traveler AES Encrypted Vault Privacy 256Bit 3.0 USB Flash Drive (DTVP30/16GB)
  • 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption to safeguard data
  • Customizable to meet specific internal corporate IT requirements
  • Optional Anti-Virus protection from ESET
  • SuperSpeed (USB 3.0) technology
  • TAA compliant

Best for Professional Uses

Data Traveler 16GB protects all your saved data using hardware encryption. This means, under no circumstances will one access your information unless with your permission. With this drive, you’ll enjoy super data management. If you’re an IT professional, you can enjoy the freedom of enabling centralized administration/ various management tools, especially when utilized with server-based/control center technology.

Sometimes data can be attached by a virus. This encrypted drive has taken care of this by availing to you an antivirus feature implying that your data is kept safe from any form of a virus threat. Overall, Data Traveler 16GB will give you peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is safe.

Apricorn Aegis

Apricorn 1TB Aegis Padlock USB 3.0 256-bit AES XTS Hardware Encrypted Portable External Hard Drive (A25-3PL256-1000)
  • Utilizes Military Grade FIPS PUB 197 Validated Encryption Algorithm
  • Super fast USB 3.0 Connection - Data transfer speeds up to 10X faster than USB 2.0
  • Software Free Design - With no admin rights needed
  • Sealed from Physical Attacks by Tough Epoxy Coating
  • Brute Force Self Destruct Feature

Best for data transfer speed

If you wish to get an easier way of securing your data while enjoying the quickest USB 3.0 data transfer speed, Apricorn Aegis has got you covered. This encrypted drive uses powerful hardware encryption to safeguard your files, in real-time and keeps them secure even if it’s taken out of its enclosure. And just like stated, due to the fast speed, you can quickly access your files.

Additionally, this drive employs an important drive reset functionality that can be performed with a special command. The function will clear all PINs/data creating a fresh encryption key generated randomly. As a result, this lets the drive be reset and can be redeployed as numerous times as the need arises. All in all, Apricorn Aegis employs a very powerful technique of ensuring your data safety.

Integral® 8GB

Integral 8GB Crypto Drive - FIPS 197 Encrypted USB
  • Military Level Security - AES 256 bit hardware encryption. Mandatory encryption of all files (100% privacy)
  • FIPS 197 Approved - Certificate No. 1137.* CESG Claims Tested Mark (CCTM) - Certificate No. 2011 05 0097
  • Secure Entry - Data cannot be accessed or removed without the correct high strength 6-16 character password
  • Brute-force Password Attack Protection - Data will be automatically erased after 6 failed access attempts and Drive reset
  • Zero Footprint - No software installation required. * Rugged Waterproof* Design - Steel inner casing and rubberised outer casing, designed to protect the data if dropped, crushed, submerged in water, or subjected to break-in.

Best for User-friendliness

Integral® 8GB is one of the 100% secure drives you can find on the market today. Keeping sensitive data on this encrypted drive will ensure that its security isn’t compromised at all. It comes with a perfect design and top-level security making it the ideal choice for you to safeguard your important data.

To enhance the security of the data, a 6-16 character PIN is implemented. With this encrypted drive, data gets erased after 6 failed password attempts. Another great feature of this drive is the ease of use; no software or drivers required. Additionally, it’s designed so that it safeguards your files even when it accidentally gets into contact with water, dropped and crushed causing damage. With a user-friendly interface, this drive is worth trying.

lepin USB

Best for Durability

Powerful encryption is used to ensure that all your important files are safeguarded. The use of hardware protection ensures that no one gets access to your sensitive information without a password. One feature that catches the eyes of many is the simple and stylish design that comes with an encrypted drive. Moreover, it’s durable and comes with a pretty design and a cool touch with beautiful lights.

A user-friendly interface is another feature to note speaking of this drive. You’ll need no drivers or software as the device is compatible with Mac, Windows, and embedded systems as well as various other devices, for example, Macbook pro, OTG Adapter, Nexus 6P 5X, etc. Generally, Lepin is a reliable piece of hardware to work with especially if you deal with very sensitive information.

Farsler 32GB

Farsler 32GB 64GB High-Speed Recognition Fingerprint Encrypted Pen Drive Dual Storage Security Memory USB Stick (32G Silver)
  • DM PD061 32GB USB 3.0 Stick:Fingerprint encryption, high-speed identification, double storage,Push-pull design, your safest storage tool
  • FINGERPRINT ENCRYPTION:Fingerprint encryption, a combination of secure data storage space and biometric technology,To prevent unauthorized users malicious access to data
  • HIGH-SPEED IDENDIFICATION:fast fingerprint recognition, secure, plug-and-play, saving time when transferring digital files, photos, games, music and other content
  • DUAL STORAGE:Dual storage, fingerprint U disk contains public and hidden sectors (PUBLIC and SECURE),Common sectors in the fingerprint U disk inserted after the computer's USB port can immediately access,But the hidden sector only in the corresponding fingerprint authentication will appear after the success
  • The Push-and-pull outer:case not only makes the pen drive looks simple but fashionable and also protect the usb interface

Best Overall

Farsler 32GB has got everything expected in an encrypted drive from high-speed recognition to durability, design and the safety of your files. This drive makes use of biometric technology in safeguarding your data.

Also, Farsler 32GB comes with dual storage where you have hidden and public sectors where it’s easy to access the public sectors but the hidden one will require your authorization before anyone can have access. The push and pull design of this drive makes looks not only simple but also fashionable. Overall, it’s a great drive that is worth trying.

INNÔPLUS Drive 256-bit

Encrypted USB Drive, INNÔPLUS Secure Flash Drive 256-bit 32 GB, U Disk USB 2.0, Hardware Password Memory Stick for Personal Protection, Aluminum Shell with FIPS Validated, Military Encryption Keypad
  • AES-XTS Military Grade Encryption : INNOPLUS encrypted flash drive is designed to be secure
  • Works with any USB/USB On-The-Go devices
  • Compatibility with any OS - Windows, MAC
  • If you forget your password, you need to provide your order number to our email address, after we confirm your order information, you can get a dynamic password.
  • Wildly used: It is great for Government, Health Care, Finance or any person who wants to protect your privacy data

Best Convenient Encrypted Drive

INNÔPLUS Drive 256-bit is designed to provide its user with optimum security. It’s very easy to use this drive and it’s an attractive piece of hardware that will keep all your files safe. On top of that, this drive is resistant to both water and dust. The design and finish implemented on this drive is top-notch and contributes to the drive’s impact protection ability.

INNÔPLUS Drive is suitable for finance, government, healthcare or professional deployment. The encryption used here is hardware-based. In addition, the drive is OS independent meaning that it’s compatible with devices with USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port. No software, drivers or administrator privilege required meaning that this drive is very convenient.

Lexar LJDF35-32GBNL

Lexar LJDF35-32GBNL Jumpdrive Fingerprint F35 32 GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive, Black/Silver
  • Up to 10 fingerprint IDs allowed
  • Ultra-fast recognition – less than 1 second
  • Easy set-up, no software driver needed (fingerprint registration software only compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Software required to create/edit accounts and adjust partition size. Regular Flash Drive use Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.)
  • Securely protects files using 256-bit AES encryption

Best for ultra-fast recognition

No one will appreciate any piece of hardware that doesn’t favor the user when it comes to using it. User-friendliness is a great feature that everyone will be happy about. Lexar LJDF35-32GBNL is very user-friendly so that no one will have issues handling and managing their stored files. 256-bit AES encryption is applied to ensure your data is completely safe.

With Lexar LJDF35-32GBNL, up to TEN fingerprint IDs are allowed. In addition, you’re going to enjoy ultra-fast recognition of the drive once installed into the host computer, actually speed of less than a second. Another thing, Lexar LJDF35-32GBNL has a pretty simple set up where no driver or software needed. It’s compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS.

SanDisk Cruzer

SanDisk 128GB Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive - SDCZ36-128G-B35, Black
  • Take it all with you on reliable USB flash drives
  • Transfer with confidence when moving images and other files from PC to PC or other consumer electronic devices
  • Ideal for video - the easy way to store, share and play your favorite video files
  • Available in capacities up to 256GB [1GB = 1 billion bytes - Some capacity not available for data storage]

Best affordable

SanDisk Cruzer is top-notch dependable encrypted drive. It’s designed with powerful security technology to ensure that the user is guaranteed of the safety of their data. With this drive, you can safely store all your videos, photos, music and even sensitive files with ease.

The password protection, as well as 128-bit AES encryption, is employed to ensure that none of your files is exposed to an unauthorized person. Generally, this drive is good for your data safety needs at home or office. It ships with a hustle-free packing and at a reasonable price.

iStorage datAshur

iStorage datAshur 4 GB Secure Flash Drive - Password Protected, Dust and Water Resistant, Portable, Military Grade Hardware Encryption USB 2.0 IS-FL-DA-256-4
  • Easy to use, PIN authenticated hardware encrypted USB Flash Drive - Perfect solution to protect your digital assets. Simply enter a 7-15 digit PIN to authenticate and use as a normal USB flash drive. When the drive is disconnected, all data is encrypted using AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption (no software required).
  • Without the PIN, there’s no way IN! All data transferred to the drive is encrypted in real time and is protected from unauthorised access even if the device is lost or stolen!
  • Government certified: FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified. The datAshur helps you ensure compliance with data regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA.
  • The datAshur has been certified to IP57 meaning the drive is dust and waterproof.
  • The datAshur will work on any device with a USB port, no software is required. Compatible with: MS Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Android, Thin Clients, Zero Clients, Embedded Systems, Citrix and VMware

Best for Government/Corporate deployment

iStorage datAshur encrypted drive is an affordable and effortless means of securing your sensitive data using powerful hardware encryption technology. With this drive, the user is allowed to enter a pin before connecting it to a USB port. This ensures that unauthorized access to your data is prevented. It’s designed to erase the encryption key, destroy all your data in case the incorrect password is entered several times (10) consecutively.

Further, this drive will automatically lock the moment you unplug it from your PC or when you turn off the USB power. DatAshur is easy to operate and doesn’t need any drivers or software to install. It supports all PCs Linux, MACs, as well as embedded systems. This drive is recommended for government or corporate deployment.

USB Encrypted Lepin 32GB

Best for Gifting

Thanks to the utilization of powerful encryption, all your important files are safeguarded. Just like our number 4 drive, the use of hardware protection in Lepin 32GB ensures that no one gets access to your sensitive information without a password. One feature that catches the eyes of many is the simple and stylish design that comes with an encrypted drive. Similarly, it’s a durable and attractive design with a nice touch with beautiful lights.

The user-friendliness is another feature to note speaking of this drive. You’ll need no drivers or software as the device is compatible with Mac, Windows, and embedded systems as well as various other devices e.g. Macbook pro and OTG Adapter. Generally, Lepin 32GB is a reliable piece of hardware to work with especially if you deal with very sensitive information.


We all agree that sensitive data security is paramount. There’s nothing more important than knowing that your information can’t get into the hands of other people illegally. For that, it goes without saying that buying an encrypted drive is undoubtedly a smart move. Thus, our top 10 list comes in handy in this case.

Basing on research, numerous buyers reviews as well as ratings, we have been able to come up with this list. We have also considered other factors other than data security. These factors include price, portability, design and memory capacity, etc. Therefore, you can be certain that there’s definitely an encrypted drive to suit your needs and budget.

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