Best Zbigz Alternatives for Hassle-free High-Speed Torrent Downloads

If you are a frequent torrent user, then you wouldn’t deny that nowadays downloads using Torrent downloading clients like BitTorrent comes with their own sets of issues—ranging from capped speeds to limited numbers of available seeders, all the way.

Here, the web-based torrent clients come as the saviors. 

Zbigz, as a popular cloud-based torrent downloading client, helped many speed-craving torrent users.

The features you get with Zbigz:

  • uninterrupted and uncapped download speed
  • direct download link for IDM download
  • pause & resume facility
  • online cloud storage
  • simultaneous file downloads in bulk 
  • IP address masking
  • no need for downloading third-party apps

Why go for Zbigz alternatives?

Best Zbigz Alternatives

When one would get all these features from the above list even being a free user, why go for alternatives?

Zbigz indeed offered every single feature to its free users, but it is no more. Unfortunately, Zbigz has discontinued many features from the above list for its free user.

Now, Zbigz has imposed speed restrictions, limitations for maximum 1 GB file size, fewer numbers of available seeders for its free users.

This means with Zbigz, no more you can download torrent files larger than 1 gigabyte in size, no more high-speed downloads, extremely limited storage space. It all becomes hectic when Torrent is the only gateway and one primary source for your downloads.

So, to retain those features again and to enjoy seamless downloads from Torrent directly using IDM, here are some alternatives to Zbigz.

With these Zbigz alternatives, you will be able to download files of any size again with high downloading speed.

Here you go:

Zbigz Alternatives for Unlimited Torrent Downloads

Best Zbigz Alternatives

Bitport is a freemium torrent-to-cloud platform.

Whenever you think of any Zbigz alternatives, Bitport should stay on the top of your list because Bitport has all the features that you get with Zbigz.

Also, with you don’t need to wait for a torrent to seed, then download it to your PC. You can instantly watch movies, stream video files directly from your Bitport dashboard once they are saved to Bitport’s cloud servers.

One of the best features of Bitport is—it is present across all your devices. It means you can access your content from any of your devices regardless of the platform. No need to download client software; all you need is a functional web-browser, that’s it.

With Bitport you can upload, copy-paste a magnet link which will be converted into an IDM supported direct download link.


  • Stream audio and video straightaway without downloading (even for free users)
  • 2 Gigabytes of free storage space
  • No speed capping
  • Secure downloads 


Bytebx is the exact look like Torrent downloading cloud platform of Zbigz. What makes Bytebx special is its new-user free-trial offer which gives you 14 days of premium services to enjoy for free.

Another perk you get is a whopping 100 GB storage with the premium trial. Thus, your headache “storage limit exceeded” error is now gone with the Bytebx cloud.

Bytebx supports downloading and uploading content from any of your operating systems. With it, you merely need to paste a media link and voila! You can stream a video, movie directly from the UI.


  • Faster downloading speed than Zbigz
  • On-the-go streaming services
  • Top-rated SSL privacy protection
  • Free 100 GB storage
  • User-friendly interface


Offcloud is not just limited to torrent downloads. Along with support for torrent downloads, it is a multi-site supported download manager you can say. Using Offcloud, you can download, upload and transfer contents across the web.

Apart from these, Offcloud has some advanced features such as cloud backup, remote upload, API access and many other tools for developers.

The compatibility with hundreds of websites, BitTorrent links, magnet URLS, Usenet, webpage-to-pdf feature makes it unique when compared to Zbigz.

Features overview:

  • Easier downloading steps than Zbigz
  • Fast and steady connection bandwidth
  • Protection from ISP tracking services
  • Support for transferring files across Cloud Storages
Best Zbigz Alternatives


FileStream is famous for its anonymous downloading feature. Whenever you try to download a torrent file, you are at the risk of violating online piracy and copyright laws.

You can store your files, stream and even access them regardless of the medium. FileStream is compatible with almost all operating systems and smartphones. 

It has a special feature that allows your streaming to adjust with the connection speed automatically which you cannot find with Zbigz.

The lightning-fast download speed makes it the best alternatives to Zbigz.

Features overview:

  • Cap-free 1 Gbps. bandwidth quota
  • Torrent link to direct IDM link
  • No file size restrictions
  • Affordable premium pricing


What makes PutDrive one of the best browser-based Torrent download managers is—its massive support for 90+ file hosting services.

The speciality of PutDrive is it has one of the fastest groups of torrent seeding clients. This gives you an excellent download speed while you download your torrent files.

PutDrive is a freemium torrent downloading platform. It offers you a free trial using which you enjoy all the features that one gets with its premium account. 

If you are a heavy torrent user, you can opt for PutDrive premium service which bills at a minimal cost of 9.90 Euro every month.

Features overview:

  • Unlimited download speed
  • No restrictions for file size
  • Affordable premium service
  • SSL Protection 
  • Support for 90+ Hosting sites

Final words

Back in those days, torrent clients were always the first line of choice of every internet user for almost any kind of torrent download. But as the number of users skyrocketed, the clients started serving annoying Ads, which consumed a significant portion of ISP bandwidth. Later on, issues like sluggish download speed, and lack of frequent seeders appeared out of the blue.

Here, torrent-to-cloud client Zbigz came up as a saviour. Initially, it offered some robust, highly sought features for Torrent downloading free. Gradually, due to various reasons, Zbigz put restrictions on many of its essential features, which gave birth to many of the Zbigz alternatives.

From all the available alternative sites, I researched and shortlisted some of the Best Zbigz Alternatives. The list I have shared above list includes both free and premium ones. Give each of them a try and grab the best suitable option for you.

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