Can I Monitor My Kids iPod Touch?

The iPod Touch is a top-pick pocket media player among kids these days. The device looks and works similarly to the known and most-desired Apple phone and is often called an iPhone-without-the-phone. It is a great mobile device with many capabilities and online services provided. So can i monitor my kids iPod touch?

can i monitor my kids ipod touch

Regarding child protection, the iPod has one slight benefit – it supports no cellular service, thus allowing connecting to the Internet only where the Wi-Fi network is available. It means your kids can neither enter the web from anywhere they want nor make and receive calls, which prevents them from being reached by strangers on the phone. Though it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on and know how to monitor your child’s iPod Touch.

As for the rest, the iPod Touch in children’s hands might cause the same exposures and bring about the same dangers as any other mobile device if unattended. Thus, it should be supervised carefully, and appropriate restrictions should be applied before handing it to kids. And here is how to set parental controls on iPod for you to be able to provide your kids with security while they enjoy this magnificent gadget.

How To Set Parental Controls On iPod Touch

Enter Settings on the Home screen of your kid’s device and proceed to the General subtab. Scroll a little down, and you will see the Restrictions menu. You will need no password if you open it for the first time. However, as soon as resections are set, you must enter your secret key to prevent your child from changing them. Thus, the Restrictions menu will ask you for the password each time you tap on it after.

Here in Restrictions, you will see the menu divided by categories:

  • Allow – for apps and related features;
  • Allowed Content – with content subcategories to restrict;
  • Privacy – where you can adjust child privacy settings;
  • Allowed Changes – for changes kids can perform online on the iPod;
  • Game Center – for you to limit multiplayer games and add new friends.

Consider disabling in-app purchases, as this particular option causes many concerns among parents. Children spend money from parents’ accounts connected to their iPods without permission. There were many cases when big sums of money were spent, and many complaints were made to app developers afterward, though not many were satisfied.

Parental Control App Gives You More Reliable Protection

No matter how many restrictions you will set and activities you forbid, children still tend to find a way out regarding what they want. After all, forbidden fruit is always sweeter.

can i monitor my kids ipod touch

That’s why controlled freedom is always better than mindless prohibition. As a careful parent, you should watch your kids as often as possible. Pumpic allows you to monitor your children just as needed to keep them safe and doesn’t push you to prevent them from benefits of activities like online communication, which sometimes may be risky. It simply brings the situation under your control.

With this parental control application, you don’t need to restrict every activity. You can track all the iPod activities that your children hold and avert dangers timely and appropriate. Make sure you learn how to set parental controls on iPhone, as well, so that you are in control of all the devices your kids have

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