Child Internet Safety Software: To Use Or Not To Use

Monitor your kids’ online activity and interactions for your peace of mind.

Worrying about kids is the defining and inherent trait of being a parent. Educating children on security issues, explaining how to stay safe in various situations, and taking measures to avert all possible dangers is the distinctive trait of being a good parent. This is true not only for real life but also for the digital one as it has become an inherent part of modern-day kids’ and teens’ lives.

The thing is that the Internet – despite all its values – can be a dangerous place for children of all ages. Cyberbullying, sexting, online predators, identity theft, and objectionable content are not anywhere near the full list of perils waiting for careless underage users online. That’s why the question is not whether to utilize child internet safety software but what monitoring and protection software to utilize.

Best Internet Safety Software For Careful Parents

What do the numbers say?

Teenagers access the Internet at least a couple of times a week, and almost 70% do it daily. Most of them surf the Web via their own Internet-enabled mobile devices (like smartphones and tablets) and personal computers. The lesser part uses family computers to go online.
Parents worry that their children can be bullied – online or in the real world. At the same time, more than half of parents fear that their kids might have troubles with anxiety or depression, and just over 40% – believe that their little ones may have issues with drugs or alcohol.
Parents say they use parental controls to monitor, filter or block their teen’s online activities. These statistics reveal the fact that parents tend to take a hands-on rather than technology-based approach to keep track of their child’s digital use and interactions.

Although it’s beyond parents’ power to make the Internet a kid-safe place, they can at least do two things: 1) make the access to the Web’s dark corners much more complicated; and 2) keep monitoring their kids’ online activity to stay aware of the defensive system cracks. Installing family Internet safety software on kids’ smartphones, tablets, and family computers is a rather easy solution. But remember that this is just a supplementary tool that would work best if you talk to your child and thoroughly explain to him, or her what pitfalls are hiding behind the gadget screen.

Advantages Of Parental Monitoring Apps

Child Internet Safety Software

As we’ve already mentioned, modern teens can hardly live even a couple of hours without looking at their handheld devices. And while ensuring relatively riskless browsing on your home PC is not a big problem, keeping track of what websites your kid visits on their smartphone or tablet is a lot harder. Moreover, as teens use phones for texting and calls intensively, a standard web filter would not be of much help here.

There aren’t too many options for how parents can set up Internet protection on their children’s mobile devices. Firstly, they can use built-in iOS or Android safety tools (like “Restrictions” on iPhones). But onboard utilities often have fairly limited functionality. That’s why many parents prefer utilizing specially developed monitoring apps.

Here are five major advantages parental control apps have:

  • It is convenient – you can keep track of your kid’s activities and relocations remotely from any browser and device at any given time.
  • It has a wide range of functions – besides web filtering, monitors calls, SMS, and IM messages, follows social media accounts, blocks apps, tracks someone else’s cell phone, and much more.
  • It is simple to use – the app is easily installed and set up. The straightforward interface won’t confuse you. With the help of the Control Panel, you can monitor your child’s every move and interaction in one place.
  • It enhances security – thanks to its multiple functions, the app prevents unacceptable online behavior and averts many digital dangers (sexting, cyberbullying, identity theft, online predators, etc.)
  • It is legal – parental control apps are absolutely legal to monitor underage children, unlike spyware programs used mainly by employers and jealous partners or spouses.

Considering the huge variety of functions a comprehensive parental monitoring app provides, you can rest assured that you’ve taken whatever measures necessary to child-proof the Internet. The only thing you can do to fix the result is to maintain trustworthy relations with your kids and teens. You should explain to them why you monitor their activities and keep talking to them regularly about proper behavior and ways not to get into trouble.

Child Internet Safety Software

Secures Your Child Both Online and Offline

Secure Internet activityRemote device controlLocation tracking
Monitor chats and social media
View browsing history and bookmarks
Block inappropriate content
Handle onboard apps
Check call logs, SMS, multimedia
Lock phone or tablet remotely
View real-time location
Set geofences, get alerts
Access the history of the entire route

One-Stop Solution With Multiple Features

With its 24 outstanding features, the monitoring app is the perfect child Internet security software for responsible parents to ensure their little one’s safety. The app simplifies parenting in today’s connected world and enables you to stay on the same level with your tech-savvy kids. Whether you want to protect your children from cyberbullying or online predators, safeguard their privacy, or simply be informed of their current location.

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