Future of Smart Homes And The Road Ahead – Amazing And Awesome Architecture!

For a lot of people, the invention of the smartphone could very well be the pinnacle of technological innovation. After all, what could be better than a gadget which has all the computing capabilities of a computer but with only a fraction of its size? Well, it turns out that there are quite a lot of things that could be better than your smartphone.

The invention of smartphone technology has paved the way for anything “smart”. And true enough, we now see how technology is slowly shaping the concept of the smart home, certainly every homeowner’s dream come true. Smart home technology is designed to make household chores easier and to allow for more efficient performance of day-to-day activities.

For the unfamiliar, however, the very idea of smart home technology can be quite a bewildering concept. For those still new to smart homes, no need to worry because, in this article, we will discuss the future of smart homes in relation to some of the most common and most important pieces of smart home technology at present.

Living Room and Smart Ceiling Fans

Future of Smart Homes and the Road Ahead

Revamping the living room is one of the most common and most often done home renovation project – and it is easy to understand why. The bedroom aside, the living room is the most used living space in any house. Not only is this the place where one typically spends a lot of time, but this is also the space where one receives visitors and where one spends quality time interacting with other members of the household.

Considering that the living room somehow serves as the focal point of the entire house, it is not surprising that the rise of smart home technology would find its way into the living room. As more and more smart appliances hit the market, more and more homeowners and interior designers seek to find ways of incorporating the latest technology into making the living room as comfortable and as smart as possible.

One particular smart appliance that has gained considerable popularity in the past couple of years is the smart ceiling fan. Since ceiling fans are among the simplest and most basic home appliances and also one of the most indispensable appliances in any household, it is not surprising to find manufacturers investing in the creation of smart ceiling fans. True enough, there is now a pretty sizeable number of smart ceiling fans in the market, giving homeowners a considerable number of brands to choose from that also range in features and design from low-profile units to more complicated chandelier ceiling fans.

For those of you who might be a little confused as to what a smart ceiling fan actually is, basically, a smart ceiling fan is a ceiling fan that can be programmed to operate at certain hours or under certain conditions. Like other smart appliances, a smart ceiling fan can be remotely controlled and can even be linked to other devices like thermostats.

Investing in a smart ceiling fan might seem like a splurge, especially since a lot of people typically buy ceiling fans to drive down the costs of having to use an air-conditioning unit all the time, but it can actually save you money in the long run. For one, as with any ceiling fan, a smart ceiling fan does wonder in circulating cool air, making it possible to lower the AC settings without experiencing any discomfort, therefore contributing to a lower electric bill.

Also, a smart ceiling fan allows a homeowner to sync the same with the thermostat, allowing for the automatic switching on and off of the smart ceiling fan to optimize indoor climate. Not only does this provide for better control of the indoor climate, but it also allows for more efficient use of energy. If you want to learn more about ceiling fans and how to control the climate of your home you can read more about that at the Home Climate Center.

Smart Bathroom and Smart Toilets

Future of Smart Homes and the Road Ahead

If there is an area of the house that a lot of homeowners assume to not really need smart home technology, it has to be the bathroom. For most, and understandably so, creating a smart bathroom means being a little extra with the home renovation. After all, the bathroom is typically not pegged as an area in the house that needs a lot of gadgets. In fact, for the majority of the population, bringing one’s smartphone into the bathroom is possible as high-tech as it could get. But this is no longer true at present.

With the development of smart home technology, the bathroom has also seen a tech revamp. True enough, numerous smart bathroom gadgets and appliances have been produced in recent years, giving homeowners and interior designers alike new ideas in terms of stepping up one’s bathroom experience.

There are numerous smart bathroom gadgets that have constantly been hitting the market at present. Notable smart bathroom appliances and/or gadgets include smart Bluetooth speakers, something quite indispensable for anyone who really loves music, especially while in the shower. Smart bathroom scales, smart mirrors, and even smart lights have also become more popular, and indeed we now see numerous options for consumers.

However, what is possibly among the most innovative smart gadget that has been released in the market is the smart toilet. As with other smart gadgets, smart toilets are normal toilets that also have Internet-connected features, as well as built-in voice assistants.

That said, smart toilets pack a number of interesting features, as in the case of changing the toilet seat and adjusting the water temperature, adjusting the water spray, and even playing music. That is right! Some models of smart toilets even allow you to do away with waterproof speakers. Although smart toilets spell a little extra expense, the features they pack can certainly elevate one’s bathroom experience. You can learn more about toilets here.

Smart or Water-Saving Shower Heads

Future of Smart Homes and the Road Ahead

One of the most notable advantages of investing in smart appliances is the savings in the long run. Sure, one has to splurge a bit on buying smart appliances, but once installed, they can definitely make one’s life a whole lot easier. This is the case with smart shower heads.

We know what you are thinking: there really is no need for smart shower heads. After all, what difference could possibly make? Quite a lot, actually. For one, smart shower heads pack a lot of functionality, allowing one to fully enjoy their shower. Basically, a smart shower head packs all the functions of a smartphone – from managing energy usage to taking calls – but without you having to worry about getting your smartphone wet or dropping it in the shower.

Given its internet functionality, a smart shower head really enables you to multitask in the shower. Need to answer an important call? No problem. Need to look up something you have suddenly remembered in the shower real quick? No problem. Need to jot down an idea that may very well be the next big thing? No problem. Want to sing your heart out while taking a shower? No problem. Want to make sure that the water is just right when you take a shower? No problem. Want a better way of determining the temperature of the water without momentarily burning yourself or dousing yourself with icy cold water? Definitely no problem.

But more than all the things you can do with your smart shower head, possibly the best part of having a smart shower head is that it allows you to conserve water. With a lot of models allowing you to keep track of your energy usage and water consumption, having a smart shower head really allows homeowners to keep track of their utility bills.

For the environment-conscious, a smart shower head is a particularly great investment, primarily because it allows an individual to be mindful of how he or she is using resources. Those that want to take extra steps can also install an energy-efficient electric water heater to have smart control over their hot water consumption.  It thus becomes a lot easier to dial down on resource consumption, especially when it comes to water, something which is very easy to unconsciously waste. Learn more about the benefits of low-flow shower heads here that conserve water.

Smart shower heads might sound extremely fancy, but they are actually quite easy to install and use. That is right! If you are quite handy around the house, you would not even need to enlist the help of a professional to install your smart shower head for you. Talk about a win-win!

Smart home technology is really a promising field nowadays. With a lot of homeowners typically having to juggle housekeeping with full-time jobs and other responsibilities outside the home, it certainly is nice to have smart gadgets which make household chores a whole lot easier. Likewise, the added comfort brought about by smart gadgets appears to really be worth the extra dollars one has to throw in for such smart appliances.

The increasing popularity of smart home appliances is certainly paving the way for smart homes. We can thus reasonably expect to see more function-packed but more affordable models to come out in the future, making it easier for homeowners to turn their homes into smart homes. Considering how efficient and how comfortable the home can be with a little help from smart appliances, the very idea of the smart home is unlikely to die down in the future. If anything, we are more likely to see better smart home innovations in the days to come.

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