Mobile Safety: How To Find Spy Apps On Your Phone

There is no surprise that the mobile phone is an integral part of our everyday life. The number of mobile phone owners is gradually growing, with 4.6 billion of people in 2016 and predictions of 5.07 billion by 2019.

About half of all those would be people owning smartphones – devices that overtook desktop Internet usage. In fact, some people really cannot make a step without their smartphones. 75% of Americans admit they bring the phone to the bathroom. What a bonding, right? But with such close relations come significant troubles to take care of.

The opportunity of controlling all your life through one device has its advantages and disadvantages. And the fact that frauds can use it to take over your personal information to use it for their own needs obviously falls into the second category. What are iPhone spying apps, and how to protect yourself from them? Keep on reading to stay safe!

Why Would PeopleSpy On Someone’s Phone?

How to find spy apps on your phone

Well, it is fair to say that people spy on all types of smartphones. And it is equally unpleasant. Why do people do this, and how should you treat this fact? The latter depends on you and your life views. Let’s go on with the reasons.

They take care

This is the trickiest reason people might come up with. And here is why. It is only legal to “spy” on a person if it is your child under the age of 21, and this is it. Once a child becomes an adult by the law, parents should not try to break the boundaries of their personal space. Also, the app market offers you plenty of legal and effective monitoring programs for overlooking a child online. They are tailored according to the laws and can only be installed on a child’s phones by their parents. These apps help parents monitor kids’ activities to ensure they are safe and sound.

Spying on apps for iPhones, on the other hand, are illegal. And the fact they are being actively advertised does not mean you should use them. Invading other person’s privacy can never be right, and if you read the fine print of landing pages of spy apps, you will notice the disclaimer saying something like ‘if you are caught using this app, you are on your own.

They track your actions

This one is often used by obsessed current or ex-partners. If your sweetheart is excessively jealous and always worried about you talking or seeing other people, chances are high that your phone can have a spy app installed ‘for your own security. Some people are even being spied on by their exes. Those people can either have ‘plans’ of coming back together with their beloved ones or pretend to be worried about their exes’ wellbeing.

How To Detect A Spy App On iPhone?

How to find spy apps on your phone

There is a number of things you should pay attention to in case a spy app is suspected. They are the following:

  • Overall phone behavior. Do you notice any odd things like lighting up when you are not using it or restarting on its own? Phones tend to behave weirdly sometimes. But if these have become regular, go on and check your phone for any apps you haven’t installed.
  • Data usage. If you have a monthly data package, the overuse would be easy to notice. Some spy apps out there are not good at staying discreet and use much more data than they should. If you have an unlimited package, try installing data managing apps to check this parameter.
  • Jailbreak status. As an iPhone owner, you probably know that for any software not supplied through Apple, it must be Jailbroken. And if your phone happens to be jailbroken without you knowing, be concerned. Look through the list of all your apps to see if they are listed in the Apple store. You see the one not belonging there? Deleting it might be complicated, but there is a simple solution – just upgrade your phone to the latest iOS version. This will remove Jailbreak and any odd apps.

This might seem obvious, but knowledge of how to find spy apps on your Phone might save you some nerves together with money. Be alert and attentive to any changes in your phone behavior, and you will be safe and secure at any time.

What Is The Alternative To Using A Spy App?

The apps attract people of various outstanding traits, and software providers do their best to improve the quality of their services. As a result, new monitoring features appear regularly, making people install spying apps. According to the security company Lookout, 24% of Android phones scanned in the USA had the installed spying software.


Smartphone owners use text messaging, making it the most widely-used basic feature of a device.


Teenagers use smartphones to go online daily.


Teens download apps on their mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets.

How to find spy apps on your phone

When choosing the best Android cell phone spy software, most people cannot make a final decision quickly. Easy Spy, Cell Tracker, mSpy, Mobile Stealth, and Phone Sheriff are just a few possible installation options. With the help of some of the best spy apps for Android, it is possible to follow incoming and outgoing calls, track messages, check contacts, monitor browsing history, check social media, view photos and media files, and much more. It seems that the functions of the best cell phone spy are unlimited.

Studies have proven that today people are more open to sharing their personal information via social media networks. This fact makes jealous partners seriously consider using spy apps to follow their spouse’s activities. Once you know how to install a spy app on Android, it becomes very easy to monitor Facebook and Instagram activity, view all photos and videos uploaded, and even the comments posted below.

Today, third of parents successfully use tracking apps on their teen’s phone to protect their children. However, you should note that using spy software for Android is not lawful as it violates personal freedom and ignores all legal requirements of most countries. But how to protect the loved one without breaking any regulations? The answer is simple: to use legal parental control apps.

Opportunities Parental Control Apps Provide

Most troubles children have nowadays are caused by the unlimited use of smartphones. The devices give access to a lot of inappropriate information. The statistics are sad, as 51% of online children have been cyberbullied. According to a study by Yale University, bullied teens are 9% more likely to commit suicide. Moreover, most didn’t complain to their parents or inform teachers. If you want to protect your child and ensure they are always safe, consider using a parental control app.

Mobile monitoring software is a powerful tool that allows parents to avert potential danger before something bad happens. Let’s look at why you should use the parental tracking app.

  • It is legal – parental control apps are legitimate, unlike the best spyware for Android phones discussed above. Install the monitoring app on your child’s device, and you may be sure you don’t break any regulations.
  • It has various functions – you can monitor your child’s location, block access to the 18+ content and inappropriate links, set limits on installing applications, follow the browsing history, and much more.
  • It is easy to use – install the tracking app in minutes and monitor your teen from any browser and device.

You can secure your teen from meeting with strangers and becoming a victim of cyberbullying and online predators. Using the control app, you will know where your child is. You’ll be sure that your little loved one is safe.

Install Parental Monitoring App on Your Android Device

Control smartphone useFollow online activitiesTrack location remotely
Check all the calls
Monitor SMS and MMS
Go through the notes and contacts
Check the Internet using the history
Block access to websites
Monitor social media networks
Check current position
Follow the whole route history
Get notifications instantly

Outstanding Features for You as a Careful Parent

How to find spy apps on your phone

Parental Monitoring App is a solution to all your worries concerning your child’s safety. It provides more than 24 notable features for the best protection. You can take care of your children remotely and always ensure they are not bullied, offended, or harmed by inappropriate online information. If you are a careful parent, and we know you are, check the features that will help prevent the possible dangers.

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