New Tech: How to Install and Operate a Dash Camera?

Popularly known as car cameras, dash cams have become common with many motorists today. Several benefits come with installing a the best dashboard camera. However, the way you install it will determine whether you will be able to reap those benefits. If you have never used a dash camera, then installing it can be quite challenging. However, don’t worry, there are thousands of others who are like you. There are two methods of installing a dash camera. There are the hardwire installation method and the plug and go method.

Where to Install the Dash Camera?

Before going into the actual installation, you first have to determine where you will install your dash cam. You need to remember that the dashboard does not block your driving vision in any way. Apart from being illegal, it poses a danger to your and other motorists. Considering such factors, the best place to place your dash cam would be behind the rear view mirror. It should face upward, and bring the road ahead into clear view. You can use a suction cup to attach your dash cam, which is a very common method. Additionally, an adhesive tape would also do the work.

The Plug and Go Method

This is the easiest and quickest method of installation. You can do it on your own, without the help of a professional car cam installer. Most dashboard cameras come with a suction cup, whenever they are sold. With the suction cup, you can easily place it on your front window, then use the cigarette socket for powering the device. The wire can then be hidden along the headliner while the rest goes beneath the carpet.

How to Install and Operate a Dash Camera

The main benefit of this method is that, you can easily remove your dashboard camera, if you don’t want it to remain there permanently. With the ease of installation, you simply place it there, whenever you need it. The main setback is that you can damage your cam easily, due to the endless removal and movement. Additionally, it takes time and effort to remove and install it every now and then.

Hardwire Installation Method

f you want to install the dash camera permanently in your car, this is the method to use. If you are experienced in car machinery, then you can do it on your own. However, if you don’t have good skills, don’t even attempt. The method can be dangerous for both you and your car. Additionally, you will need a dash camera installation kit, which you can obtain at a fee. In this method, you will need to locate the fuse map and the fusebox.

How to Install and Operate a Dash Camera

You need to identify a fuse with power when your car is off. In order to ensure best results, it is always advisable to call a professional to help. If you have a single car that you use every day, this method is perfect. Once it is installed, no more effort and time will be wasted. The main setback with this method is the cost involved, especially if you hire a professional.

Bottom Line

Whichever method you choose, the dash camera should be installed in a discrete location. This way, it doesn’t distract or bother the driver. This way, the driver will always have a clear line of vision, and the camera will be hidden to record all activities close to the car.

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