Best Internet Filter For Android To Ensure Your Kid’s Safe Browsing

The World Wide Web is an infinite source of information, wisdom, and fun. It also is a great environment to meet new people and find folks to share your interests with. But at the same time, the Internet is a breeding ground for tons of inappropriate content and dozens of hidden dangers. Many of them threaten the most vulnerable Internet users – the kids.

The best internet filter for Android can help protect your children from inappropriate content online. There are a number of different filters available, and you can choose one that fits your needs. Some filters are installed on your device, while others are web-based.

best internet filter for android

Why Do You Need Child Internet Filter Software

Add the fact that nowadays, 91 percent of teenagers (13 to 17 years old) access the Internet via various mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets. This makes monitoring and controlling what kids view online even more difficult. Thus, they become exposed to the apparent and hidden Internet dangers – from cyberbullying to sexual content, from gambling to online predators. That is why a concerned parent can hardly be too careful when letting the child surf the Net these days.


Parents worry about what their kids can be exposed to while browsing the Internet. But there is a huge difference between worrying and taking certain steps to protect children from online risks.


Kids visited a website their parents would disapprove of. Typically, parents remain clueless about such cases relying on children’s ratio. However, forbidden fruit often turns out to be much sweeter than rational arguments.


Young people use mobile devices to hide traces of their online activity from their parents. Children often outsmart their folks who cannot keep up with modern technological advancements and cheating methods.

The statistics above persuasively demonstrate why a concerned parent should consider using reliable tools to filter out content to stay aware of what their kids are up to while online. Pumpic monitoring app is an ultimate solution that, among many other features, allows tracking kids’ Internet activity, setting filters to prevent little ones from viewing 18+ content, and blocking any website you don’t want your child to visit.

Visible mobile software designed for ethical and legal use only. It means that the app runs openly and doesn’t use hidden mode. We endorse parents who plan to install monitoring apps on their kids’ smartphones or tablets to talk honestly to their children about the dangers they are exposed to online and what can be done to avert these perils. Only 61 percent of teens report having such a conversation, while over 90 percent of parents say they did talk to their teens about online safety.

Ways To Set Up Content Filtering On Android

Android-based smartphones and tablets are incredibly popular as a child’s first mobile device: they are relatively cheap, come in a huge variety of shapes and colors, and there is an enormous number of different free and paid apps in Google Play to fit any taste. The pitfall of handing an Android device to a kid is its weak parental controls, which – unlike iOS on Apple products – have very limited functionality. That’s why third-party solutions are often not a whim but a must.

best internet filter for android

So before introducing your kid to the newly purchased Android gadget, make sure it is family-friendly, ready, and safety-enabled. Read about potential online risks, review the best Internet filtering options for Android, and choose the most efficient way to prevent your little ones from facing them. Regarding content restriction, you can select to install a separate Internet filter or comprehensive parental control software.

Separate Internet Filter

Usually, Internet filtering tools can “clean up” the Internet for kids by restricting access to websites with explicit material. Often based on the child’s age presets, it automatically blocks porn sites, allows keyword filtering, and adds specific web pages to the blacklist. Some of them can mask obscene language instead of blocking the whole page. Another approach is to create a list of trusted websites and let users visit pages only from this whitelist. That’s all that Internet filters can do.

Parental Control App

In turn, comprehensive parental control mobile software is a wider concept that usually includes online content filtering. It also can log all browsing history and track IM texting. However, its functionality reaches far beyond just filtering inappropriate content. Call and SMS tracking, multimedia monitoring, GPS tracking, and keylogging – you can do that with a designated app. Naturally, such functions will be highly demanded by parents who want to protect their children from digital and real-world dangers.

No one says parenting in the XXI century is easy, but it’s your duty as a parent to choose the best way to protect your little ones from modern perils, whether online or offline. There are hundreds of parental control apps, and the statistics show that over half of parents are already using some child Internet filtering feature or software to manage their kids’ Internet use. Pumpic allows you to ensure that children will get the most out of their Android smartphones or tablets while staying safe and protected.

best internet filter for android

All-round Monitoring

Monitor Internet activity

  • Block websites and pages
  • View bookmarks and browsing history
  • Follow social media and chats

Control device usage

  • Block websites and pages
  • View bookmarks and browsing history
  • Follow social media and chats

Track routes and location

  • Check location in real-time
  • View the entire route history
  • Define geofences, receive notifications

More Features, More Control, More Protection

All at once, they enable concerned parents to ensure their children’s safety via monitoring various spheres of their lives. With parental control software for Android, you will quickly identify potential dangers and avert them at early stages, thus, making your kid’s mobile device usage a safe and pleasant experience.

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