Inventory – A Gamer’s Best Friend

So this is an inventory a gamers best friend? Well, it is only fitting that we look at all the cool stuff that will be available to us in the game and how to use them.


The equipment in the game are broad and very diverse. The importance of each piece of equipment however, ranges from necessary for the plot to consumables. Mercenaries arrive with their default equipment and weapons when they are hired.

These can easily be replaced with better ones by the player. Mercenaries also have the ability to carry things in their hands and bases have the capacity to store an infinite number of items. However, these items need to be transported with mercenaries from sector to base.

Useful pieces of equipment include, armor, grenades, weapons, tools and miscellaneous items. Items and equipment can be dropped, traded between mercs, picked up, thrownor dropped. A mercenary drops all items in their possession when they die and players also get drops from enemies sometimes when they die.

The online shop provides access to a better and larger variety of armor, weapons and tools for sale as the game progresses. Mercenary characters can also equip various items and carry them in their inventory.

inventory a gamers best friend

The vests in the game may have two to five pockets that are capable of holding one specific item or a number of identical items like weapon magazines or hand grenades. Armor can be worn on different parts of the body like the head, chest and legs. Although, certain actions and skills will require that the merc holds certain objects in their hands.


The weapons in the game are almost all present in the real world. Just like an RPG should be, the weapons have descriptions but the descriptions are written in informal and quite often humorous text. The stats for each weapon are pointed out. Stats like strengths and weaknesses are pointed to give players and idea of what weapons work best in certain situations.

The expansions also featured new weapons that were absent in the original game. Mercenaries can equip weapons in one of two ways. It is either they hold one large weapon usually two handed or they dual wield two small weapons. Some weapons also have accessories to enhance the efficiency of the weapon like silencers and bipods. The weapons that have such accessories can be modded by attaching scopes, silencers, bipods and barrel extenders. Heavier and more powerful equipment like grenade launchers and mortars are also available.

In Jagged Alliance 2, the arsenal of weapons was expanded to include realistic weapons like automatic weapons, shotguns and rocket launchers and fictional or ‘fantasy’ weapons like the automatic firing rocket rifle.


A game of mercenaries means that there must also be a source of income. Equipment doesn’t grow on trees and mercenaries don’t fight for free. To be able to hire mercs and purchase equipment, money is needed. At the start of the game, players are given a set amount of money which can be increased by taking sectors with gold or silver mines and convincing the local miners to work for you. This increases your daily income. Equipment, Weapons and Miscellaneous items can also be sold to local merchants to increase the size of your coffers even more.

Nintendo DS

The Nintendo version of the game which was released in May 2009 in America and June 2009 in Europe featured new features like bandage points, item repair and item conditions.

There is something missing. We have discussed the history of the franchise the story of the game, the gameplay mechanics and now the items and equipment used in the game. I think its finally time to discuss the people in the game. Unfortunately, that will have to wait for the next post.

So this is a game about mercenaries right? Well, it is only fitting that we look at all the cool stuff that will be available to us in the game and how to use them.

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