iPhone Location Tracking App Know Where Your Kid Really Is

Keep track of your child’s whereabouts and set safe and restricted areas, and get alerts.

In our modern and technologically advanced world, there are still many cases of people being stalked, teens hanging out in the wrong places, and kids being abducted. Reports on such events alert and urge people to acquire means of monitoring the whereabouts of their close and valued ones, especially when it comes to children. Being unaware of the kids’ location and occupation can become a nightmare for a parent. Therefore, the information on where kids currently are, the places they visited, and further plans are just priceless. Well, our app endows users with this essential knowledge.

Why iPhone Location Tracking is a Must Nowadays

iphone location tracking

Present-day teens and kids are fascinated with phones, gadgets, and other tech specialties. Children are obsessed with smartphones introduced by the industry’s leaders, especially Apple, with their extremely popular, functional, and sleek-looking iPhones. Basically, youngsters have become so attached to their mobile devices that they always keep them close, as, without a smart gadget in their hands, they just feel awkward and even inept. Hence, if a parent knows about the device’s location, the kid’s whereabouts also become clear.

According to a 2016 report on teen consumerist emotions by Piper Jaffray bank, American teenagers own an iPhone.US teens intend their next phone to be an iPhone. It seems that youngsters just cannot get enough of the iPhone.Parents are worried about their children being kidnapped. But only 36% of families track kids’ phones via various resources.

With the recent iPhone 7 launch and general Apple devices boom nowadays, it is critical for parents to have some kind of iPhone location tracker on their kids’ gadgets. It doesn’t mean that parents have to intrude on children’s life, though it is always reasonable to check their whereabouts. A kid might lose or have their new iPhone stolen, skip school or extra courses, enter a bad neighborhood, get into a wrong clique, or even get lured and kidnapped. Hence, in order to avoid or just to keep down these threats, an essential solution of using special software for location monitoring speaks for itself.

How GPS Tracking Ensures The Safety Of Your Child

iphone location tracking

To monitor a child’s location, you must get an extra gadget, like a GPS watch or bracelet. Pumpic doesn’t depend on any additional devices but the sole smartphone. A parent simply installs the app on the target device and checks the location data whenever necessary in the Control Panel via the web interface or designated app. It is very handy when a kid goes on a trip with friends, has a bus or car ride, or intends a journey into the wild.

Regarding GPS monitoring, we offer a range of features for precise and innovative location tracking. Using them, parents can rest assured that their kids stay on track and don’t stray from the expected safe route. Pumpic tracking app for iPhone boasts several valuable features and options that give its users peace of mind and up-to-date information regarding kids’ whereabouts:

  • Current location tracking: With our app, it is possible to live-track the child’s location around the clock. It doesn’t matter which iOS device a kid possesses; the app will pull out the location of the mobile phone and instantly display it in the Control Panel.
  • Routes history: The app pinpoints a device’s location over a certain time to visually represent a child’s route and visited landmarks. This feature is as well available for non-jailbroken Apple devices.
  • Setting geofences: Geo-fencing puts a lot of worries to rest. With this helpful option, a parent is enabled to set a safe zone or a dangerous community boundary on the map. Thus, whenever a kid leaves or enters the pre-set boundaries, Pumpic sends an alert to the parent so that he can take measures if needed.

iPhone GPS tracking should be within access for every parent since iOS devices are widely spread among young ones. With the rise of mobile gadgets and GPS technologies, it has become much easier and more convenient to keep track of a child’s precise whereabouts and prevent undesired situations. Eventually, by providing unmatched kids’ location monitoring features, Pumpic brings parents peace of mind.

Nevertheless, it is crucial for parents to remember that over-involvement in kids’ life and a rigorous eye on them may lead to adversarial relationships. Indeed, parents are fully authorized and obliged to take care of their underage children. At the same time, before starting to monitor a child, we recommend talking with your kids and notifying them of your intentions. It is important to explain the security reasons for tracking so that a kid doesn’t start to rebel; on the contrary, you should show that he/she is cared for.

Monitoring From A To Z

Location trackingDevice usage controlCommunications monitoring
Pinpoint the current location on the map
View full routes history
Set geofences receive notifications
Block and wipe the device remotely
Manipulate onboard apps
Restrict new apps installation
Track calls, SMS, MMS
View online messages
Oversee Internet activity

Why Should You Use Mobile App To Track Your Kids?

iphone location tracking

Today, there are many solutions available for location tracking. They include specific hardware for vehicles, GPS navigators and trackers, gadgets for people monitoring, etc. Notwithstanding these solutions, parental control software is the most convenient and comforting solution for people who worry about their close ones. Parental monitoring is very easy to install and set up on smartphones. Moreover, it doesn’t require any additional devices or hook-ups. Just install an iPhone GPS tracker app and get a sense of safety for both yourself and your kids.

To use the app, you are not required to have profound technical skills at all. Once installed on a kids’ device, the monitoring software starts collecting information from it and sends it to a parent’s personal account. In addition to location oversight, parental control apps are enriched with features for monitoring messages, browser history, call information, photos and videos, and device activity altogether.

Family locator applications for iPhone and Android are 100% legal since they are designed to monitor kids via devices that belong to concerned parents. Such software can also be used to track employees (the employer must own phones). To avoid misunderstanding between the one who monitors and the target person, it is advised to notify the person of monitoring purposes. Communication is crucial in this regard, especially with kids who strive to individuate and build their own world. Being overprotective may negatively affect the relationships between kids and parents.

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