MacBook Pro Cooling Tips: 7 Amazing Tips To Keep Cool Your Mac

Overheating of MacBook Pro laptops can be really frustrating, right? No one feels comfortable working on an overly heated laptop.

From slowing down the processor to damaging the battery, overheating can damage most hardware of the laptop. It can slow down the computer, hampering the overall user experience.

That being said, it’s common for MacBook to heat up if used for long hours, and it won’t harm the hardware up to a limit. However, in the event that your MacBook is running excessively hot, it’s likely not okay.

Luckily, by following a few simple steps, you will be able to effectively keep your MacBook Pro laptop cool. To help you out with the process, we have prepared 7 tips to keep cool your MacBook Pro laptop. Have a look!

Why Should You Keep Your MacBook Cool?

MacBook Pro Cooling Tips

The MacBook is the go-to laptop for professionals due to its consistent and reliable performance, but overheating can hinder the user experience.

The MacBook is very useful device in your life. People regularly doing their official presentation by MacBook, Also data storing is the very important part of MacBook. When we are done this kind of job with MacBook ,MacBook produce overheating.

MacBooks are equipped with a thermal throttle which is activated if the laptop is overly heated. It prevents the laptops from functioning at their full capacity to keep the hardware safe from damage due to excessive heat, making the MacBook performance extremely slow.

When we are using extra 4k webcam with MacBook, the battery of your MacBook Pro can also get damaged for overheating due to the fact that excessive heat applied into the laptop can vanish your batteries’ essential fluids. This can result in debilitating the charging capacity of the battery.

Overheating can also create several other problems in the laptop, including damage to the hard disk. So, you should definitely keep your MacBook cool to get the best performance out of it.

Top 7 Tips To Keep Your MacBook from Overheating

MacBook Pro Cooling Tips

Raise The Rear End Of The Laptop

Keeping the rear of your MacBook Pro somewhat raised is the simplest and effective way to keep it cool.

MacBook Pros’ vent the heat out from the back edge, so raising the rear end will improve the ventilation of the laptop. This will allow consistent airflow below the laptop, reducing the overall temperature of the Mac.

The best way to raise the rear end is to use a laptop stand. If you don’t have a stand, you can even use a hardcover book or something with a flat surface. However, it won’t be as effective as a laptop but will get the job done.

Keep Your MacBook Updated

Apple manufactures one of the finest performing laptops in the market, the MacBook. They release new updates and macOS versions even after several years of launching that particular laptop to ensure a satisfactory user experience.

The new versions of macOS have security enhancements and performance upgrades to keep your MacBook Pro cool and run smoothly. These updates might also fix bugs and remove malware that can heat up the laptop.

In addition to that, the updates are completely free, and you will be able to install them in a matter of minutes. So, check for updates in the Mac App Store once in a while and keep your laptop updated.

MacBook Pro Cooling Tips

Use External Cooling Device

If you use a MacBook Pro in a room without AC and rising temperature, it will be overly heated within a very short time. In such a case, using an external cooling device that will blow cool air onto the laptop will help reduce heat.

As an external cooling device, you can use a compact-sized fan or a cooling pad that comes incorporated into a laptop stand. Any of them will be sufficient enough to cool down your MacBook.

Try To Avoid Using Google Chrome

Although Chrome is amongst the finest web browsers available, it uses the highest CPU resources causing the MacBook Pro to heat up.

MacBook features an Activity Monitor that shows the users which application is running on the laptop. If the CPU load of a process is high, it surely is to blame for the overheating of a MacBook Pro.

While using Chrome, if you open the Activity Monitor, you will observe that Google Chrome uses the highest CPU percentage and Memory of your laptop compared to other applications. So, you should move to other popular browsers such as Safari, Microsoft Edge, and more to halt the increase of temperature of the Mac.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable switching to other browsers and stick to Chrome, then you should keep the number of tabs to a reasonable minimum.

Avoid Using Mac On Softer Surfaces

MacBook Pros don’t usually come with a liquid cooling system; it uses fans and vents to release the heat and keep the laptop cool. Using the laptop on a softer surface such as a bed, couch, or even lap will close the vents’ opening, obstructing the cooling system.

You should use the MacBook Pro, keeping it on a steady work surface or a laptop stand. The four sturdy rubber feet on the base will make sure that there is sufficient airflow to scatter the heat your laptop produces.

MacBook Pro Cooling Tips

Clean Your MacBook

Regardless of the environment you live in, your PC may gather dust a lot quicker than you might expect. A pile of dust and dirt inside the laptop can prevent the fans from functioning properly and obstruct air circulation inside the computer.

To keep the cooling system of your MacBook Pro fully functional, at times, you will have to open the base of the laptop and clean it up thoroughly. You can use a smooth brush to clean the dust off the fans or compressed air to blow it away.

It is advised to clean the interior also the macbook display with utmost caution since a single drop of water can short-circuit the motherboard and damage the laptop.

Reset The SMC

The SMC or the System Management Controller is basically a chip integrated into the MacBook that operates numerous hardware, including the cooling fans. If the fan is not cooling the laptop, resizing this chip will resolve the issue.

Surprisingly, resetting the SMC is extremely easy and requires a very short period of time. You can do it by holding the shift, option, and control buttons along with the power button simultaneously.

Final Words

For professionals, MacBook is like a working partner, and overheating can ruin the working experience. It will not only damage your experience but can also damage a few crucial parts.

Fortunately, the overheating problem is relatively easy to overcome. To help you out, we came up with 7 tips to keep cool your MacBook Pro laptop.

We hope that by following our tips, you will be able to successfully prevent your laptop from heating up and have an incredible user experience.

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