Top 10 Best One Handed Gaming Keyboard In 2024 Reviews

It is imperative to have the best possible gaming keyboard if you are a gamer. Instead of the regular gaming keyboard, there are one-handed gaming keyboards available which you can opt for for better productivity and gaming experience. Even professional gamers prefer one-handed gaming keyboards. In such a keyboard, there will be no useless keys that you can accidentally press. All the keys in it are programmable in most of the keypads. The following is the list of the top 10 best one-handed gaming keyboards to choose from.

one handed gaming keyboard


NPET One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

This is a perfect combination of ergonomics and functionality, as it lets you have better convenience. The one-handed gaming keyboard comes with multiple features, and you can use it comfortably. Moreover, this has programmable keys that allow you to customize it according to your needs. Furthermore, it has a quick response as it features short travel switches.

It also includes dedicated macro keys and features convenient palm rest. Additionally, this has a delicate appearance, and you can easily adjust the RGB backlight and use it according to your needs. This can be perfect for professional gaming as it also has anti-ghosting.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with double-injected keycaps.
  • Offers protection against accidental spilling.
  • Comes with an RGB color spectrum.

GameSir One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

GameSir GK100 One Handed Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Mini Game Keypad 34 Programmable Keys LED Backlit USB Wired for PC Windows
  • 【 Easy to Use, Plug and Play 】Wired connection and no drivers needed. Simply plug it to the PC or GameSir X1, it will be automiactically recognized and ready to use.
  • 【 Mechanical Blue Switches 】 34 keys professional mechanical blue switches, No conflicts with 4 side keys are fully programmable to any hotkey, key combination and macro for fast command.
  • 【 Optimized Key Functions 】 Turn on the arrow key mode to enjoy the secondary key function plan for gaming. Specifically for PUBG Fortnite battle royale games!
  • 【 The Sliding-Rail Style Palm-Rest 】 It allows you to slide it to any position for the best ergonomic options.
  • 【 Color LED Backlighting 】 Enjoy the adjustable colorful key backlit effect with 8 pre-configated profiles and the LED light bar on the right side.

Here is a gaming keyboard that allows you to have an easy setup, and it does not require any drivers. It comes with automatic recognition and features blue mechanical switches that allow you to program according to your needs. Moreover, the one-handed gaming keyboard comes with a macro and key combination that offers fast command.

Furthermore, this has optimized key functions making it perfect for specific types of games. Additionally, this also includes a sliding rail-style palm rest that offers you better ergonomics. This will let you have a perfect gaming feel as it comes with an attractive color LED backlighting. It also has preconfigured profiles, and you can connect it conveniently due to the USB port.

Reasons To Buy

  • The palm rest in a sliding-rain style.
  • It comes with professional mechanical blue switches.
  • Offers instant and automatic operation.

Bounabay One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

Corsair K70 PRO MINI WIRELESS RGB 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Fastest Sub-1ms, Swappable CHERRY MX Speed Keyswitches, Aluminum Frame, PBT Double-Shot Keycaps) QWERTY, NA Layout - Black
  • Make it Yours: A high-performance wireless gaming keyboard in a compact 60% form-factor that’s big on customization, with swappable MX switches and a 360° RGB LightEdge.
  • Three Ways to Connect: Powerful wireless connectivity with hyper-fast, sub-1ms SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS, low-latency Bluetooth, or USB wired with CORSAIR AXON 8,000Hz hyper-polling.
  • Customize with Swappable CHERRY MX SPEED Keyswitches: Equipped with fast 100-million-keystroke CHERRY MX SPEED keyswitches with a modular design, easily replaceable with any combination of MX-compatible 3-pin switches to fine-tune your keyswitch layout and play your way.
  • 60% Form-Factor and Aluminum Frame: A compact mini form-factor easily fits into even the tightest spaces at home or on the go, in a durable aluminum frame.
  • Long Battery Life with Per-Key RGB and 360° LightEdge: Enjoy up to 32 hours of wireless battery life with bright RGB backlighting and a radiant 360° LightEdge, or go the distance with up to 200 hours with backlighting off.

Are you looking to save space on your desktop while playing games? This one comes with better ergonomics and helps to reduce fatigue from your hands. The one-handed keyboard is perfect for Android and IOS systems. Moreover, this will let you have an easy setup, and it features dynamic RGB backlighting that improves your gaming feel.

Additionally, it has a strong sense of rhythm as it features a blue mechanical switch. Furthermore, this is perfect for enhancing your gaming experience, and you can even use it for other purposes. The portable keyboard has built-in mapping algorithms and does not require any activation.

Reasons To Buy

  • Works with IOS and Android systems.
  • It comes with a powerful, rechargeable battery.
  • Offers plug-and-play operation.

Koolertron One-Handed Macro Keyboard

Koolertron One Handed Macro Mechanical Keyboard, RGB LED Backlit Portable Mini One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keypad 23 Fully Programmable Keys (RGB Backlit/Blue switches)
  • 【All 23 Keys Programmable】All keys can be programmable. The custom programmable key functions include regular 127 buttons, web navigation buttons, 19 multimedia shortcuts, keyboard locks, Windows locks, etc. Each button can be set to any of these buttons.
  • 【All Macro Keys】There are 16 macro function buttons. Macro functions can be used in series and can support up to 349 key commands, which can meet various complex usage scenarios, Such as: office/wps and other office software shortcuts, CAD/Ae/Pr/Ps shortcuts, various user accounts and passwords, game quick tricks, basic code for programmers. For example, setting a button triggers "ctrl+a 0.5s ctrl+c 0.5s ctrl+v" etc a series of operations
  • 【4-Layer Custom Configurations】 Built-in MCU, after keyboard keys be set up, it can be stored in keyboard's MCU, and no need reset the keyboard even replace the computer. Can save 4-layer of configurations to handle multiple usage scenarios. Perfect not only for gamers but also for so many other types of users including designers and video editors
  • 【Portable Mini Keypad】Portable Mini keypad,5"x 3.5" x 1.2" ultra-small size, effectively saves desktop space. Detachable USB cable. You can connect the keypad (plug and play) and a 104-key keyboard with the same computer at the same time, they will not interfere with each other.
  • 【RGB Backlight Keyboard】RGB backlight can be customized to the player's desired color. The backlight brightness can be adjusted/turned off. Dynamic effects can be summarized into 8, each dynamic light effect can be adjusted to 3 different speeds; In addition, you can adjust 30 levels of brightness, 32 levels of saturation, and 32 different colors (including 32 static monochrome and 32 static color) in the light effect.(NOTE: there is no support for using HUB)

If you are looking for a one-handed keyboard that comes with programmable keys, then this will serve as the right one for you. You can customize it according to your requirements and make better functions. Moreover, this has multiple web navigation buttons, and you will also find multimedia shortcuts. Furthermore, this comes in an attractive design and allows you to choose from multiple colors.

The product has all macro keys that allow you to use it with multiple commands. Additionally, this comes with wide compatibility and features a 4-layer custom configuration. The product comes in a portable size and includes a detachable USB cable. It also has an attractive RGB backlight that allows you to adjust the brightness for cool lighting effects.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with a removable USB cable.
  • It comes with an inbuilt MCU.
  • All of the keys are programmable.

Skywin Programmable Gaming Keypad

No products found.

The programmable keys of the one-handed gaming keyboard will let you use it according to your needs. This is compatible with all types of games and apps, and it comes in an ergonomic design to provide you with better comfort. Furthermore, it includes mechanical switches that are perfect for gaming.

Moreover, it is also compatible with different types of operating systems, and this comes with RGB LED lights that allow you to customize it according to your preference. Additionally, you can easily have complex automation as you can program the keys and play them on any computer. It comes in a compact design allowing you to maximize your desktop space.

Reasons To Buy

  • Works with most of the OS.
  • Includes customizable hotkeys.
  • Compatible with most applications.

Red Thunder One-Handed Keyboard

RedThunder One Handed Gaming Keyboard RGB Backlit 35 Keys Portable Mini Gaming Keypad Ergonomic Game Controller for PC Gamer
  • 【Professional Gaming Keyboard】Built-in game chip, with 3ms faster response speed, more fluent for playing games, perfect for game enthusiasts to fully enjoy the pleasure of games. All 35 keys anti-ghosting, suitable for almost all PC games.
  • 【Macro Recording Keys】'FN+F1' and 'FN+F2' are two sets of macro recording keys. Macro recording method: 1.Press FN+ESC until the backlit flashes to start recording; 2.Enter what you need to record; 3.Press 'FN+F1' or 'FN+F2' to end recording. The macro recording has been completed, press 'FN+F1' or 'FN+F2', the corresponding content will be output. If you want to clear the recording, just press FN+ESC until the backlit flashes, then press 'FN+F1' or 'FN+F2'.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】The keyboard uses a portable design, its small size makes it not only easy to carry but also saves you space. The big wrist-res t and ergonomic design provide you with a relaxing gaming experience.
  • 【RGB Backlit】The RGB backlit supports breath mode and static mode, there are 7 colors to choose, the cool lighting effect will bring you more fun for game.
  • 【Easy to Use】Driver Free, Plug&Play, Fully Compatible with: Win10/8/7/Vista/ME/Mac/Linux/IBM

Here is a one-handed keyboard that comes in an ergonomic design so that you can have better comfort. This offers you to adapt to natural motions and perform better. Moreover, this is made of high-quality ABS material and can last for a long time. It also has 10 million times of life and features a special touch that enhances your gaming experience.

Furthermore, you can connect it conveniently as it comes to the feature of plug and plays. The product has wide compatibility, and it features quick response speed as well as short strokes. This will not disappoint you when it comes to performance, and it features a box mechanical shaft for an amazing experience. Additionally, this will perfectly adapt to different game environments and allows you to maximize the desktop space.

Reasons To Buy

  • Supports easy plug-and-play operation.
  • It comes with a comfortable palm rest.
  • Each key has a prolonged lifespan.

Razer Tartarus Gaming Keypad

Razer Tartarus V2 Gaming Keypad: Mecha-Membrane Key Switches - One Handed Keyboard - 32 Programmable Keys - Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting - Programmable Macros - Classic Black
  • High-Performance Mecha-Membrane Switches: Provides the tactile feedback of mechanical key press on a comfortable, soft-cushioned, membrane, rubber dome switch suitable for gaming.Analog Functionality: No
  • 32 Mecha-Membrane Keys for More Hotkeys and Actions: Perfect for gaming or integrating into creative workflows with fully programmable keys
  • Thumbpad for Improved Movement Controls: The 8-way directional thumbpad allows for more natural controls for console-oriented players and a more ergonomic experience
  • Fully Programmable Macros: Razer Hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands
  • Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Fully syncs with popular games, Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30 plus partners; supports 16 8 million colors on individually backlit keys

Available in a complete set, this one will allow you to choose from three different colors. The portable keyboard delivers outstanding performance, and it includes a thumb pad that lets you have better controls. Moreover, it offers you an ergonomic experience. This comes with fully programmable macros for user advantage. Even though this razer product is a bit expensive but is the best one-handed gaming keyboard among the others.

Furthermore, you can personalize it according to your requirement as this comes with wide compatibility. Additionally, it has a soft membrane rubber dome switch which offers superior comfort. It comes with fully programmable keys making it ideal for gaming purposes. This also has an RGB LED which gives you a vivid gaming feel.

Reasons To Buy –

  • It comes with cushioned rubber membrane domes.
  • Offers extremely fast workflow.
  • It comes with an 8-way directional thumbpad.

AULA One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

Aula One Handed Gaming Keyboard, RGB LED Backlist Mechanical Keyboard with Removable Hand Rest for PC Gamer & Typing
  • 【Customizable LED Backlight】 AULA one hand gaming keyboard comes with 5 pre-programmed cool backlighting modes and you can also easily customize your own LED backlight.
  • 【Programmable Key】Get an infinite number of commands right at your fingertips with 8 programmable keys. Bind all your preferred skills, macros and hotkeys for a highly personalized gaming experience.
  • 【Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard】Blue Switchs with strong sense of rhythm, bring you the best mechanical experience. Ultra-long lifetime mechanical keys, service life of the buttons up to 50 million times.
  • 【Ergonomic Design with Palm Rest】Ergonomic design with Palm Rest for professional gamers reduce fatigue. Gaming keyboard switches to sleep mode after being idle for 10 minutes and press any key to re-activate the keyboard.
  • 【Widely Compatible】AULA one-handed keyboard is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows10, MAC OS X.

Equipped with 30 programmable keys, this one-handed gaming keyboard comes with multiple features. This will let you use it according to your requirement and have better convenience. It also features an LED backlight so that you can customize it and have a gaming feel. Moreover, you can have your own infinite number of commands from your fingertips and perform better in your game. Furthermore, it has the ability to improve your skills, hotkeys, and macro for having a personalized gaming experience.

In this, you will find the blue switch that has a strong sense of rhythm. The mechanical keys come with powerful longevity, and the service life is up to 50 million times. Additionally, this also includes a palm rest making it ideal for professional gamers. The keyboard comes in an ergonomic design, and it allows you to save power due to the idle mode. It comes with wide compatibility and has actuation force switches.

Reasons To Buy

  • Customizable LED backlit feature.
  • Blue switches offer a strong sense.
  • It comes with 30 completely programmable keys.

Redragon One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 42 Keys Type-C Professional Gaming Keypad w/Upgraded Hot-Swappable Socket, 7 Onboard Macro Keys & Detachable Wrist Rest
  • Slim and Tactical - The K585 keyboard gets rid of those extra keys and keeps the most useful ones in a slim & portable package. All of your keyboard action keys are in one convenient place. No need to worry about misclicked keys.
  • Upgraded Hot-Swap - The upgraded socket is now available on Redragon one-handed keyboard, with more ways to mod, and more fun. The iconic Redragon Blue Switches deliver audible clicky with clear tactile feedback, original mechanical feel.
  • Play to Win - With 7 programmable macro keys, binding multiple commands and activating them instantly is simple and quick. Assign single or multiple keystrokes to any macro key to save precious time in the middle of battle.
  • Light it Up in Your Way - 5 RGB backlit modes are selectable with 16.8 Million Colors. Glorious & amazing lighting effects let the light of victory wreak havoc in the dark.
  • USB Pass-Through Port - Positioned for uninterrupted game play and ready for your mouse, headset adapter, or other USB device.

Available in a slim design, this one will let you make the most out of it. The one-handed gaming keyboard comes in a portable design and allows you to keep it in a convenient place. You don’t have to worry about any miss-clicked, as this will let you master your rhythm and use it according to your needs. Moreover, this has seven programmable macro keys, and you can activate them instantly. This will also allow you to assign single for multiple keystrokes and save time.

Additionally, you can light up your way as it features an RGB backlight. The product also has a USB port that allows you to connect it conveniently. Furthermore, this comes in an ergonomic design and includes a detachable wristrest for user comfort. This will serve as a perfect item to give to any gaming enthusiast, and it features a dustproof blue switch. The product comes in a complete set and includes a user manual.

Reasons To Buy

  • It comes with multiple RGB backlit modes.
  • Comes with various lighting effects.
  • It offers ultra-sensitive tactile clicks.

GameSir Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

GameSir Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Z1 for PC/Mobile Phone, One-Handed Gaming Keypad with Macro Keys for FPS Game, RGB Backlighting, Anti-ghosting, Blue Key Switches, Built-in Battery(Red Switch)
  • 【Support Dual Working Platform】 --- GameSir Z1 One handed Mechanical gaming keypad can support PC & Mobile Phone.Meet your different need when playing FPS Game.
  • 【4 Programmable Macro Keys】 --- With 4 dedicated macro keys,binding multiple commands and activating them instantly is simple and quick.Set your launch codes for FPS game.Play to win.
  • 【Light it Up in Your Way】--- with 16.8 Million colors. Glorious & amazing lighting effects let the light of victory wreak havoc in the dark.Create your personal lighting effects.
  • 【Anti-ghosting Function 】--- Featuring 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover: ensure your commands and simultaneous keystrokes always register the way you intend when you palying your game.
  • 【Other Functions】--- Ergonomically designed with a detachable wrist-rest section,offering great support.Loaded with 29 mechanical blue key switches, unique key layout, make further optimization on the original basis

With the ability to support dual working platforms, this one will let you have better convenience. The one-handed gaming keyboard delivers outstanding performance, and you can easily use it with your mobile phone. This will meet all your gaming needs, and it comes with 16.8 million colors. Moreover, this has an anti-ghost function, and it features a full key rollover for simultaneous keystrokes. It also has many other features that let you have an amazing experience.

Additionally, the product comes in an ergonomic design and provides you with better comfort when you use it. This has four programmable macro keys that can bind to multiple commands, and you can activate them instantly and use them according to your requirement. This is a perfect item to improve your gaming performance, and it offers great support to your wrist. It lets you have better optimization and features built-in re-mapper.

Reasons To Buy

  • Perfect for FPS games.
  • It comes with a removable wristrest section.
  • It comes with 4 macro keys.

Buying Guide For One-Handed Gaming Keyboards

Here is the list of the main parameters when you buy one-handed gaming keyboards.

Mechanical Or Membrane Keys

one handed gaming keyboard

The keyboards are majorly categorized into 2 different types depending on the keypad styles. These are Mechanical and Membrane Keys. To activate the mechanical keyboard, you just need to activate the switch under the keycap. However, professional gamers prefer to choose these boards over the membrane keys. The mechanical ones are reliable, durable, and easy to operate. The membrane keyboards get activated by passing an electric current through the mushy membrane to process the command.


Illumination is one of the major parts of a keyboard if you are a die-hard gamer. So, the illumination feature depends on one keyboard to another. Many models do not even come with illumination. Nevertheless, some of the keyboards come with a full RGB color spectrum that most gamers crave. These boards let you customize the illumination process according to an individual’s needs.

Programmable Option

one handed gaming keyboard

Every gamer comes with a unique playing style. Therefore, preferring a keyboard with a programmable feature helps gamers to feel comfortable while playing. You should look for a keyboard that allows you to customize a few programs as per your requirements.

Number Of Keys: Accessibility And Availability

The keypads can contain 9 to 88 keys. However, the number of keys does not help in the identification of a keyboard or a keypad. So, you just need to identify if you can use the keyboard one-handedly or not. Basically, the number of keys may decide your typing experience. Many keypads include dedicated and integrated macro keys to cope with the missed functions.

When choosing a one-handed gaming keyboard, it is better to keep an eye on the number of keys. Somehow, manufacturers compromise with the key size and spacing while putting additional keys to the keyboards. Therefore, to remove the clumsiness while typing, you should avoid purchasing a keyboard with excessive keys.


There are different types of one-handed gaming keyboards available to choose from. The number of keys in them varies a lot, and you need to buy as per your requirements and the demands of the games you play. Therefore, take your time to go through the products. We have listed above and understand the features and functionalities before choosing one for you.

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