The Benefits of Cloud Backup Services

For businesses, backing up data has never been more essential. And yet, many companies fail to take adequate steps to ensure their electronic records are properly stored. With so many cyber threats from hackers and with so much at stake if information were to go missing or stolen, it is often surprising how low a priority data backups can be. Don’t leave it until it is too late to back up your data properly. After all, using a cloud-based backup service is economical, effective and takes little effort to set up.

Avoid Broadband Limitations

One of the main problems that companies – especially SMEs – have with backed-up data is that it is either stored on-site, which means it is just as liable to being lost in many cases, or it is transferred to an off-site dedicated server. The latter typically involves large transfers of data every day or even several times a day. The best and the brightest with computer networks seldom take such an approach, however. Instead, they’ll typically use a reliable cloud backup service instead which captures updated data throughout the working day as changes take effect. In turn, this places less demand on the company’s broadband connection, allowing for other fast-flowing services, such as video conferencing. Smaller companies, in particular, will find cloud backup solutions from providers such as IONOS very helpful in this regard, helping them to utilise their online resources to their maximum potential

Improve Disaster Recovery Resilience

Backing up to the cloud doesn’t mean your data is hanging around waiting to be downloaded by anyone. What it does mean, however, is that your records are held in a location away from any potential problems you might face if you keep your backups on site, even somewhere secure like a safe. If you were prevented from accessing your offices for any reason, then you would not be able to access backups stored on physical media like memory drives or DVDs. On the other hand, a cloud-based service is available 24/7. Even if the server your backup is accessed from happens to be down, most service providers offer more than one backup, thereby ensuring business continuity even in the event of a catastrophic occurrence, such as an office fire, for example

Share Information More Efficiently

Once your company becomes accustomed to storing data in the cloud, it can soon lead to further benefits. Typically, a company that starts backing up its data on a third party server will start making such data available to off-site colleagues and trusted recipients. Sharing such data from a cloud-based server simplifies all of the security steps involved and ties down fewer in-house network resources. Once data has been worked on, it can be reuploaded with just the same efficiency and ready for the next scheduled backup. 

Cloud Backup Services in Summary

If you want to keep your data safe, then you will need to back it up somewhere you can trust. Given the extensive security measures available from cloud storage providers, there are few better choices you could make than outsourcing this important IT task. 

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