GDPR Data Mapping: What It Is And How To Comply 

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The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR data mapping, an updated version of the long-standing Data Protection Directive, was adopted by the European Commission in 2016. (GDPR). The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which serves as the foundation for the GDPR, recognizes the protection of personal information as a fundamental human right. The goal of …

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The Benefits Of Data Flow Mapping For Businesses!


If you’re a business owner, you know that effective data management is essential to your success. What if you’re not sure how to manage all of your data? Data flow mapping can help! Data flow mapping displays the data flow across a system, allowing you to optimize your data management process. In this blog post, …

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What Is A DSAR: An Amazing Guide

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You may have heard the term “DSAR” but what is a DSAR? A DSAR, or data subject access request, is a formal request from an individual for information about their personal data. With a DSAR you can find out exactly what personal data a company has about you, why they have it, and what they …

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Security Layers: Best Way To Keep Your Data Safe 

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Data security is more important than ever in today’s world. Whether you’re a business or an individual, it’s essential to have security layers to protect your information from hackers and thieves.  That’s why so many people are turning to layers of security as the best way to keep their data safe. Security layers create a …

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How To Remove Redaction From Pdf- Ultimate Guide

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Data redaction involves a variety of strategies and based on the tools and procedures used for a given document, deleting the redaction could be simple or challenging. There are several justifications for redacting a file, just as there are numerous reasons for removing the redaction and acquiring the redacted content. The steps on how to …

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FTK Imager Lite: How To Operate FTK Imager Lite?

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Looking for an easy to use forensic imaging software? FTK Imager Lite is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to quickly and easily capture images of digital evidence. It’s simple enough for a beginner, but also powerful enough for a professional. You can use FTK Imager Lite to create an image of a hard …

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Onsite Waste Technologies: Things You Should Know


Worried about the amount of waste your business is producing? Onsite Waste Technologies can help you reduce your waste output by up to 90%. We offer a variety of services to suit your needs, and our team of experts are always available to help you find the best solution for your business. We want to …

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